HardWater (72)
The Starship was a ship that belonged to Water Elementor. He remade the spaceship with other crafts and objects that he stole, so he could go back to his planet. However, he needed fuel to turn on the Starship, but the only fuel compatible with the ship, was humans, so he captured persons (including Molly, Kat Ryan and Jefferson) to later make it work, but he was stopped by Max and Steel. It first appeared in Hard Water.


  • Curiously, this ship is not similiar to Destroyers, it is totally different in design, though that it still retains the yellow color, seen in every Makino Ship.
  • In "The Thrill of the Hunt",  there was a starship that was like Water Elementor's Starship, only that it was another Starship that was frozen in the snow.

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