Amp-boneco-max-steel-elementor-fogo-veloz-mattel MLB-F-4333799661 052013
Veloci-Fire Elementor is an action figure based on Fire Elementor. It was released in 2013 as a part of Speed line.


The figure whole figure is yellow with varied tones of red, with the exception of the fingers, being orange. It has also one sphere in each arm, and one sphere in the chest. After the assemblement, Fire Elementor will gain two extra parts in the back that simulate flames. The figure has four points of articulation, and comes with two projectiles and two accessories.

The accessories, are the flames, which can be attached to Fire Elementor's back. The two projectiles can be inserted into his hands, but only one is oble to shoot, while the other one can be used only to reserve. When the button in the chest is pressed, or the button in the right arm is pressed, the head of the figure will light-up.


  • This was the first figure being able to light-up.
  • The figure is a reference to the original Elementor, because both have spheres in the arms, while in the TV Show, Fire Elementor does not have.

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