Max Steel Reboot Unleashed
Unleashed is the fourth DVD released based on the new Max Steel franchise. It has six episodes, and comes with special features. The cover features Maxwell McGrath and Steel.

Official Synopsis

Welcome to the new world of Max Steel

Max is your average 16 years old boy, except for one little detail - he generates Turbo Energy, the most highly advanced energy in the universe! Max meets Steel, a highly advanced alien life form that has the ability to help Max control his power. When the two link up, they can transform into multiple super-powered modes to protect Earth from monsters, mutants and all magnitudes of mayhem. Although Max and Steel enjoy poking fun at one another, as all buddies do, together they bring out the best of each other. Ultimately, this Turbo Team will become the universe's greatest new superhero - MAX STEEL!


Special Features


  • This is the second cover where only Max and Steel are on.
  • It uses the same synopis of the first volume (Origins).

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