Ultralink Invasion Part Two
Season 2, Episode 2
Vital Statistics
Air Date TBA
Written By Matthew Drdek
Directed By Gino Nichele and Sean Sullivan
Episode Guide
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Ultralink Invasion Part One Dredd Ascendant

Ultralink Invasion Part Two is the 28th episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series) and the 2nd episode of Season 2. It was written by Mattew Drdek, and directed by Gino Nichele and Sean Sullivan.


When Steel was captured by the mysterious Ven-Ghan, Max must rescue it, while N-Tek handle Miles Dredd and his upgraded Ultralink.



Continuity of the series


Important Events

Featured Characters


  • The director of this episode, Sean Sullivan, also directed Max Steel: Forces of Nature, and Max Steel: Countdown, both movies from the original series.

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