Ultralink Invasion is the fifth DVD released based on the new Max Steel franchise. It has seven episodes, and comes with special features.

Official Solicitation

Turbo to the Max!

Max Steel is back! Packed with Turbo thrills, Turbo chills and comic spills! Beat the bad guys! Save the planet! And get back home before dinner! It's the ultimate heroes' journey! His brand new nemesis, the Ultralink Creator, Makino, is coming to Earth to absorb and destroy! With incredibly advanced technology and an unstoppable army of Ultralinks at his command, Makino will launch a full-scale invasion! And with Max's villains Dread, Extroyer, Toxzon and Mega Elementor returning for some sweet revenge, Max and Steel really have their hands full. Fortunately Max won't have to fight alone. He's got some powerful allies by his side, like N-Tek and his UltraLinked partner and best buddy Steel! Let's go Turbo!


Special Features


  • The official synopsis incorrectly mentions Mega Elementor, though that he doesn't appear in the episodes that the DVD contains.
  • The seventh episode's name was incorrectly confused with Deep Turbo Blue Sea, while the correct version is Turbo Deep Star Sea. The error also appeared on Wikipedia.
  • The approximate length of the movie is 154 minutes.

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