Can't you see, I have all the forces of nature... AT MY COMMAND!

—Ultimate Elementor

Ultimate Elementor

UltimateElementor1 profileImage tcm422-50518

Gender Male
Alias Mighty Elementor, Elementor, 50 foot Elementor monster
Species Giant Ultralink Monster
Status TBA
Occupation Villain
Homeworld TBA
Interests TBA
Weapons The Elements
Family TBA
Allies Miles Dredd
Makino Ship
Fire Elementor
Water Elementor
Air Elementor
Earth Elementor
Enemies Max Steel
Commander Forge Ferrus
Kat Ryan
Jefferson Smith
Background Information
First Appearance Elements of Surprise Part One
Last Appearance TBA
Voiced By Andrew Francis (Fire Elementor & Air Elementor)
Brian Drummond (Earth Elementor & Water Elementor)

Ultimate Elementor is the combination of Air, Fire, Earth and Water Elementors. They debuted on Elements of Surprise Part One, and were voiced by Andrew Francis, who voiced Fire and Air, and Brian Drummond, who voices Earth and Water.


The Elementors were escaping from N-Tek, but before, they wanted to get the Ultralinks that were located in the other side of the locked door. They were suddenly trapped, and Fire Elementor argued with Air Elementor use the Stasis Inhibitor to escape from the prision, but Air said that it wasn't meant for the trap that they were in. He activated the Stasis Inhibitor, and fusioned them all into one single Ultralink known as Ultimate Elementor. After merging into only one being, they try to get the Ultralinks, but they fail miserably and later capture Commander Forge Ferrus to bring to Miles Dread.

After bringing Forge, he says that he failed in capturing the Ultralinks from N-Tek, but he captured Forge. Miles Dread release some Robotic Bugs to extract information from Ferrus, and later get information of some kind of device which was located on the Copper Canyon's Dam, which is coincidentally near to N-Tek. However, N-Tek's forces arrive for Ultimate Elementor's surprise, and alongside with them, Max Steel. Ultimate Elementor is forced to face Max Steel, but he defeats him easily by using other elements of nature, such as Lightning, Ice, Metal, and others. However, Max Steel later unlocks Turbo Speed Mode which successfully defeats Ultimate Elementor. He later escapes, and his whereabouts are unknown.

Later on, Ultimate Elementor reveals that he has big plans for Max Steel: to turn him into an Elementor with a device. When Max was flying with Sydney Gardner, Ultimate Elementor finds him and attacks, and Max is forced to retreat while Steel would take care of Syd. By himself, Max tries to stop Elementor, but he shows to be a way too strong and defeats Max. Later, Elementor tries to turn Max into an Elementor, but they couldn't turn him into one since he was without Steel, thing that he didn't noticed. When Syd found Max, she tries to help him, but she is captured by Elementor. C.Y.T.R.O. appears to the rescue and then helps Max, but he was ultimately impaled in a wall by Elementor, but later launches the Turbo Blaster, which later Max uses to defeat Elementor and destroy his device. Elementor was once again defeated by later escapes in his air form, assuring that he will use his device to change more Ultralinks into Elementors to cause Earth's destruction.

After some time, The Elementors were arguing a lot of who was going to control the body. To decide it, Air Elementor uses a device of the Ultralink Hunters to separate them, so they could capture and destroy Max Steel, and then, The Elementor who win the competition would control the body. However, they fail after Max Steel unlocks Turbo Cannon Mode, and in the end, they decide to reunite themselves again, merging into Ultimate Elementor, and combining their hate for Max Steel.

More powerful than ever, more than Max Steel, N-Tek realizes that they aren't able to defeat Ultimate Elementor anymore, so they decide to use Toxzon to help them. After getting the sample of Elementor, Toxzon created a serum that would take down Elementor once for all. When Max Steel launched the serum on the core of Elementor, he fell, but Toxzon later reveals that he betrayed N-Tek, revealing that the serum that he created was just to hypnotize Elementor and turn him into his new pet. Under Toxzon's orders, Elementor releases Toxzon, and attacks Max Steel and N-Tek's forces. Later, Max Steel unlocks a new mode named Turbo Clone Mode, which defeats Toxzon as well Elementor. For Toxzon surprise, Elementor recovered his conscience and then realized that he was being controlled by a "human slug", and tries to destroy Toxzon.

When Miles Dread finally gained access to the network of N-Tek that he needed to launch his missiles, Elementor volunteered himself to help him, though that he thought that was foolish to wait for N-Tek alongside with Max Steel to the plan advance. Anyway, he helped Dread by trying to defeat Max Steel and trying to recover the launcher of the missiles. In the end, Dread finally managed to put his plan into action and launched the missiles, and decided to leave flying to a mountain, leaving Jason Naught behind, while he was trying to escape alongside with Elementor. Elementor thought that he was defeated, but Dread clarified, when he saw the turbo rays on the sky, revealing that he only wanted to use Max Steel. They later saw the shield on Earth disappearing, and a large Makino Ship arriving on the middle of Copper Canyon.

Inside of the Makino Ship, the lord of the Ultralinks thanked for Miles Dread's services and he promised that both him and Ultimate Elementor should be spared. Makino then realized that a N-Tek aircraft was approaching, and Makino sent Elementor to take care of N-Tek.

Ultimate Elementor began to fight against Jefferson, Kat and Forge each on a ship, but Elementor was a way too powerful, and easily began to unbalance he ships and make them crash, until he managed to destroy the ship of Ferrus. When he tried to destroy the ship of Kat and Jefferson, Berto sent C.Y.T.R.O. alongside with other robots, and he managed to defeat Elementor. He was later trapped by N-Tek again and was taken to the base.

After months, Makino launches his first attack of Ultralinks, sending four Ultralinks. When the fourth Ultralink links with N-Tek's systems, Ultimate Elementor succesfully was able to escape from N-Tek's prison.

After escaping from N-Tek's prison, Makino decides to give the control of his troops to Ultimate Elementor, which followed the information that Dread gave and decided to attack the base of N-Tek directly while the systems were being updated, but they clashed with N-Tek's forces, since Ferrus had taken precautions. Ultimate Elementor fought against Max and caught him with a tornado, teaching the power of the lightning and nature, but Jefferson and Kat stopped him by launching a missile. They were defeated, but they were saved by Miles Dread.

When Metal Elementor emerged, Ultimate Elementor doubted that he would be able to defeat Max Steel, and he reacted violently, saying that he should absorb (or annex) them into himself for his incompetence. It was later revealed that Ultimate Elementor won't take the control of Makino's troops, since Metallak became the new commander. Later, when Metallak was defeated by Max Steel, Ultimate Elementor teased him saying several jokes.

Later, Miles Dread tricked Metal Elementor by saying that N-Tek was developing a super weapon (specifically, a Tachyon Missile) that would be able to annihilate Makino. Once again, Ultimate Elementor tried to take the control of the Makino's troops, but Metal Elementor stopped him. Later on, Metal Elementor commanded the troops to attack N-Tek's undersea base, while he would invade it. Ironically, he wasn't able to invade the base, and only with Ultimate Elementor's help he was able to. While Metal Elementor was attacking the base, Ultimate Elementor was wandering the ocean, until he saw that Dread was trying to get something, though that later the Turbo Jet ruined his plans. Meanwhile, Max Steel was sinking and defeating Metal Elementor, but Ultimate Elementor saves him. Later, for Dread's surprise, Ultimate Elementor got the first piece of the Turbo Star, which was the thing that he was looking for, and Elementor gives it to Dread after he says that it would beneficial to both.

When Metal Elementor realized that Ultimate Elementor would let him die in the ocean, he creates a plan consisting in Elementor capturing Max Steel within 24 hours, knowing that he would fail miserably. For Metallak's surprise, he captures Steel and Ven Ghan, and later leaves both to the prison. Since Ven Ghan didn't wanted to release Steel from his containment sphere, Ultimate Elementor forces him to do so by torturing him many times, but Steel eventually saves his life by hitting the panel. Later, Max arrives on his Turbo Super Mode, and knocks down Ultimate Elementor, making him get stuck in a containment sphere of the Makino Destroyer. As Metal Elementor planned, he warns about the consequences to Ultimate Elementor, and ultimately annex them into his being, creating Mega Elementor.


The monstrous Ultimate Elementor is very tall, has a hump back, one big orb with four orbs in it, sharp jaws, four arms with four fingers on it, two white eyes, a sharp chin, two legs, three toes, a long tail, and pieces of earth on him. He is very strong and can change from an Elementor to another Elementor. Their attacks are more extreme and dangerous than in separate.


  • Elemental Manipulation: He can control the forces of nature, such as fire, earth, water and air, as well other lightnings, metal and ice, among others.
  • Elementor Switch: He can switch from one Elementor to another Elementor.
  • Combination of Elements: He can mix fire, water, air and earth, also being able to control them simultaneously.
  • Fire Cyclone: He is able to create Fire Cyclones, as seen on Earth Under Siege Part Two, when Elementor attacked the C.Y.T.R.O.s with one.
  • Magma Creation: He can switch the floor to magma, as seen on Pick Your Poison.


  • Previously, the Elementors constantly argued about who was going to control the body of the Ultimate Elementor, which made the Elementors unstable and vulnerable. They later combined their interests, and became stronger than Max Steel and N-Tek, as seen on Pick Your Poison, at the point of N-Tek asking for Toxzon's help.
  • Ultimate Elementor is vunerable to Turbo Cannon Mode, Turbo Stealth Mode, and Turbo Speed Mode, which defeated him many times.
  • His abilities are useless when he is frozen or immobile, though that he can switch to his fire form when frozen. 


Max Steel Reboot Ultimate Elementor Four Mixes
The Gallery of Ultimate Elementor can be seen Here.


  • As shown on The Truth Hurts, they were very angry for work for Miles Dread, and they just wanted to defeated him, just like Extroyer.
  • He hates Metal Elementor.
  • Ultimate Elementor gave Dread the piece of the Turbo Star, without even knowing what it was.
  • In Season 2, his appearance slightly changed. The teeths are spiky and in a bigger quantity and the Ultralink sphere was modified, showing the eyes and the armor of the Ultralinks instead of being solely a red core without any pieces of metal or eyes.
  • The idea of Elementor controlling all the four elements of nature was also planned to happen in the classic series. However, the idea was scrapped by unknown reasons (which also disappointed many fans), but later applied in the new series.
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