Turbofied is a rock band constituted by Maxwell McGrath, Steel, Sydney Gardner, Kirby Kowalski and Roberto Martinez. They competed in the Copper Canyon's Battle of the Bands, mainly against The Lockerthugs, and won.


Season 2

Full Metal Racket

My Best Friend is an Ultralink


The song of the band mentions Max's arch-nemesis (the Elementors, Toxzon, Dread and the hero's Turbo Modes, specifically Turbo Strength Mode, Turbo Speed Mode and Turbo Flight Mode. Max also said that the band's song was made to "inspire people to unlock their inner potential".




  • The suit that Max wears resembles Turbo Spike Mode, which he obtained episodes later. It could be a possible foreshadowing.
  • The makeup used by Max, Sydney and Kirby were possibly an homage to Kiss, an American rock band. Particularly, Sydney's is almost exact as Paul Stanley 's makeup (known as "The Starchild").