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Turbo Strength Mode Profile

Turbo Strength Mode, aka Protocol X795, is Maxwell McGrath and Steel's second Turbo mode, this mode allows Max the power of super strength in which he can easily lift cars, and can fight considerably powerful opponents. It is also approximately three times bigger than Base Mode, and can throw Turbo punches. It first appeared in Come Together Part One.


The mode was created for combat against Fire Elementor, when Max and Steel were attacked in Copper Canyon.


When Max transforms into Turbo Strength Mode, he becomes bigger, stronger, and more armored than other modes, with enough strength to easily lift a semi-truck or destroy a building with a single blow. Max’s strength is increased exponentially, only limited by the amount of Turbo Energy he generates. His size is also dramatically increased, growing as his strength does![1]

  • Turbo Punches: This mode could throw turbo reinforced punches, which are powerful enough to knock an Ultrakink's arm off, which is shown in Dredd Ascendant and Come Together Part One.
  • Superstrength: Though in Turbo Base Mode, Max and Steel are able to flip an N-Tek R.O.C.C, this mode grants them much more additional strength.
  • Enlargement: Using T.U.R.B.O Energy, Max can enlarge the suit, which was shown in Element of Surprise Part Two.


Max Steel Reboot Turbo Strength Mode-10-
The Gallery of Turbo Strength Mode can be seen Here.


  • This is one of the most used modes alongside with Turbo Speed Mode, Turbo Cannon Mode, and Turbo Flight Mode.
  • In Supermania, the suit was modified to have purple shorts, a obvious nod toward Marvel's The Incredible Hulk.
  • Instead of the normal more blue tint when cloned, this Turbo mode has more black on it's armor when cloned.


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