Turbo Prime Mode is Maxwell McGrath and Steel's twentieth Turbo Mode. It debuted on Team Turbo.


Animated Films

Team Turbo

Team Turbo Fusion Tek

When a group of thieves were robbing a bank, Max and his team activated their Turbo Modes and Max transformed into Turbo Prime Mode. The thieves use their guns but Max appears and uses his sword to slash their weapons. However, two more thieves comes and they manage to escape. The rest of Max's team split up to capture the thieves and Max goes after their vehicle that was about to crash and explode and harm people. He quickly flies and incrust his sword on the ground and concentrates his T.U.R.B.O. Energy, creating a shield that reduces the damage. After the other members of Team Turbo managed to stop the other thieves, one of them knock down a police officer and says to everyone back off, but Max drops a heavy bag of gold bars that they were robbing.

Later on, Mortum's zombies started to approach Max, Alex, Rayne and C.Y.T.R.O. while they were hanging around. Max and his team goes turbo and he activates his Turbo Prime Mode. Max knock down few zombies and they suddenly stop and open their mouths and send their brainwaves to Mortum's hideout. Max thinks in the possibility of Steel generating a brain shield to him and his team use. Max and his team follow the brainwaves and end up on Mortum's hideout.

Max vs Mortum

Max versus mortum

There, they arrive just in time when the villain was about to consume the brain of his own nephew. Max's team successfully managed to destroy Mortum and the villain's nephew tell them about his past. Shortly after he ended, Mortum reunited himself and transformed into Turbo Trap Mode. Upon seeing Alex, Rayne and C.Y.T.R.O. defeated, Max uses his sword to release a large wave of T.U.R.B.O. Energy that destroyed some of Mortum's arms. Unfortunately, the villain recretes these arms and eventually defeats Max, also making him deactivate his Turbo Prime Mode in the process. Steel later on manages to finish the brain shields and use them in Max's friends, but he is later captured by Mortum.
Max about to transform into Turbo Mega Mode

Max about to transform into Turbo Mega Mode

Much later, Max finally links with Steel again and uses his Turbo Prime Mode to go to Mortum's temple while he was absorbing large amounts of brain energy. Max uses his sword to project T.U.R.B.O. Energy projectiles that destroy Mortum. The villain simply uses his regeneration abilities to transform into his most powerful form yet: Turbo Scorpion Mode. Upon seeing that mode, Max uses the blades on his back to project T.U.R.B.O. Energy projectiles, which hit Mortum's brain bank locted in his abdomen. Steel ratiocinated that if Mortum's brain bank was hit with full power, Mortum would permanently lose his powers. Max and his team confidently approached Mortum and attacked him, but he defeated them with ease. Rayne eventually realises that their mental link that they obtained hours ago could be used to share their powers. After each member of the team shared their abilities, Max transformed into Turbo Mega Mode.


  • Flight: The blades on Max's back gave him the power of flight.
  • Razor Missiles: Turbo-charged blades radiates from Max's suit, which can fire off as projectile razor missiles. Using the Connect-Tek technology, he can also call them back to re-form around him.[1]


  • Connect-Tek Sword: Max obtained a Connect-Tek sword that once belonged to his father, which also gave origin to this mode. The sword can split apart into two blades and can practically slice through anything. It can also deflect attacks right back at his foes.


Yurbo Prime Mode
The Gallery of Turbo Prime Mode can be seen Here.


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