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Turbo Prime Max is an action figure based on the character with the same name using Turbo Prime Mode. It was released on 2016 on the first wave of action figures, and is a part of Max Steel: Team Turbo.


"When Elementor launches his attack made out of tornadoes, Max transforms into his Turbo Mode and gets ready to launch missiles!"


The toy seems to be inspired in the new mode that Max will be using on Max Steel: Team Turbo. Max has a silver and black helmet with a red line on the sides that has a transparent visor. His armor have silver parts on the upper part of the torso which features red paint application, and silver paint job on the abdomen. Max has silver shoulder pads with red lines, while the rest of the arm is made on black plastic with red lines. He has silver thigh and knee pads with red lines. Max also have blue transparent wings on his back. He has six points of articulation, and comes with two accessories.

Max Steel comes with two launchers that can be inserted on his arm, both featuring blue transparent blades, that can launch Turbo Swords. He has a gimmick integrated to his body, consisting in pressing both legs together to reveal more wings on Max's back. When Steel's head is pressed, the mask will be evelated.

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