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Turbo Nova Mode is Maxwell McGrath and Steel's sixteenth Turbo Mode. This mode provides three powerful cannons, two for hands, and one in the top of Max's head. It first appeared in Max Steel: The Wrath of Makino.


During the test to take the place of the commander of Ultralinks, Jim McGrath said that he had a new Turbo Mode that would help to win the competition. When he held Steel, he got new memories, and a new Turbo Mode.

TV Show

Max Steel: The Wrath of Makino

When dome suddenly appeared, Makino announced a competition that would guarantee a place to command the Ultralinks. To enter in that competition, Jim helped Max Steel to get a new Turbo Mode, later revealed to be the Turbo Nova Mode. During the competition, Max went to one of the tests, consisting in defeat every Makino clone in the way. In the process, Max and Steel separated, but Max easly defeated the clones of Makino, while Steel tried to get more answers. However, when Max won the competition, he touched the helmet of Makino, which turned him into the new host of it.

Later, Max Steel used this mode to go to the sun, where he threw Makino and watched him burn.


  • Superhuman Durability: Since this mode was especially made to explore black holes, the center of a star and the outer reache of space, it is assumed that he is more resistant than other modes.
  • Cannons: In this mode, Max Steel gets three cannons, two for hands, and one in the top of the head. Those cannons are very powerful and can launch varied bursts of T.U.R.B.O Energy, furthermore, they can be used to fly.



The Gallery of Turbo Nova Mode can be seen Here.


  • The episode "Final Countdown" was going to originally called "Turbo Nova", implying that this mode was going to appear. Also, there was a tournament in the Official Website where this mode was shown, before its debut on the TV Series.
  • This is the second mode where Turbo Base Mode is inside of some kind of armor, the first being Turbo Cannon Mode.
  • Though that Steel remembered about this mode when Jim touched him, he didn't knew how to use its cannons.
  • Like to Turbo Flight Mode, this mode can reach the space.
  • When the screens shows Max Steel's point of view, the Steel Screen shows an image of Turbo Rocket Mode in the top of the screen, instead of a image of this mode.
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