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Max Steel Reboot Ultralinking
Turbo Modes are suits and transformations that is used by Max and Steel to gain advantages over their enemies and new powers such as flight, superspeed, and invisibility.


When Max overloaded the Turbo Chamber, Steel linked with Max, and they formed Turbo Base Mode, which was their very first form.

Max's Turbo Modes

Here is a list of the following Turbo Modes Max Steel have used in the series. (Note that they are in order of appearance).

Turbo Base Mode

Max Steel Reboot Turbo Base
Turbo Base Mode, also known as the Steel Suit, is Max's and Steel's first form that was created when Steel first linked with Max. It gives Max enhanced strenghth and durability, and can never be taken off, due to safety issues, so Steel changes it's looks to make it seem like ordinary attire. It first appeared in Come Together Part One.

Turbo Strength Mode

Max Steel Reboot Turbo Strength
Approximately three times as big as Base Mode, and packing a punch, this TURBO Mode is a heavy-hitter. TURBO Strength mode takes on the heavy-hitter jobs, whether it's dealing with Dredd, or beating Ultimate Elementor. It debuted in Come Together Part One.

Turbo Flight Mode

Flight Transform 1 tcm422-52089
Making it's debut in Come Together Part Two, TURBO Flight mode allows Max, and Steel, to fly through the sky using T.U.R.B.O Energy. It is also powerful enough to send Max and Steel into space.

Turbo Scuba Mode

Character profileImage scuba tcm422-149617
Created in Hard Water by Steel, TURBO Scuba Mode was used to fight Water Elementor, and to search for Toxzon at the end of Gone Fishin', along with several other instances when it came in handy. It has flippers for feet, and a slick, more aerodynamic form to swim faster in the water.

Turbo Speed Mode

Max Steel Reboot Turbo Speed Mode
Turbo Speed Mode is Max's fifth Turbo Mode which allows Max Steel to have a super-sonic speed pace and faster than anything in the world. He can run from 0 to 100,000 mph. It causes extremely high levels of aerodynamic efficiency. It minimizes delay and maximizes intervention time, but requires vast amounts of T.U.R.B.O Energy. This Turbo Mode is faster than any villain that Max fights. It's first appearance was in Elements of Surprise Part Two. It was mentioned in Elements of Surprise Part One, by Berto, that they needed a new Turbo Mode or something to make them faster. It was first used in a fight with Ultimate Elementor, when he was striking Max Steel with Lightning bolts and Ice. The mode was useless with Miles Dredd Makino Mode, since he was upgraded by Makino and was more faster than Turbo Speed Mode.

Turbo Stealth Mode

Character profileImage stealth tcm422-149619 2

Turbo Stealth Mode

Turbo Stealth Mode is Max's sixth Turbo Mode. It can make Max Steel invisible and with this Turbo Mode, he can defeat villains. This Turbo Mode was first used in Scrambled, when Max was fighting with Extroyer (Who was Extroyer Gorilla). It was also used when he was fighting Goopaniods, and Steel mentioned to him that the  Turbo Stealth Mode would be only invisible for a little time, not very much. Also used with The Elementors in Split Decisions. It also appeared in Tools for the Job, when he was fighting a Sewer Monster, who kidnapped someone from Copper Canyon. Later on in the episodes, Thanks, I Think, Earth Under Siege Part One, and Earth Under Siege Part Two, Max Steel doesn't use that Turbo Mode any more, for some reason if in some of the fights, he should had been using this mode, instead of using the others are other reasons.

Character profileImage cannon tcm422-149622

Turbo Cannon Mode

Turbo Cannon Mode is Max's seventh Turbo Mode that was introduced to the series. It is very large and sturdy like Turbo Strength Mode. When charged with enough T.U.R.B.O Energy, it can launch itself at enemies, doing extremely heavy damage. It was used when Max Steel was fighting the Elementors, who were seperated and when fighting Max Steel. It looks like a giant robot, and it can shoot rockets, cannons, is flame resistant, explosions, and allows Max Steel to smash anything with one blow. This mode is sometimes used and appears less, but in the episodes, Earth Under Siege Part One and Earth Under Siege Part Two, this mode played very important roles. Like in Earth Under Siege Part Two, this mode played an important role when Steel controlled Max and tricked Dredd, who was in his Miles Dredd Makino Mode and then Max Steel used the mode, so that Dredd could fall inside of the T.U.R.B.O Energy-Absorbing Chamber, which was inside of the Makino Ship.

Character profileImage clone tcm422-149614

Turbo Clone Mode

Turbo Clone Mode is Max's eighth Turbo Mode. This Turbo Mode looks a lot like Turbo Base Mode, but there is a difference in this Turbo Mode. The difference between Turbo Base and Turbo Clone is that the black parts are colored like a tint of blue. Max can clone a lot of copies, that are very exactly like him, and they look very silimar to him. Also, he can multiply as many of himself, as he wants to. He can turn from 2 through millions of copies of himself. And with this new Turbo Modes, the villains get confused of which one is the real Max, but as always, the real one will always be hiding. Also, this Turbo Mode is a little bit like trouble makers, and they tease the villains. They are strong and they are holographic, when they are defeated by the villain.

Turbo Super Mode Supermania
Turbo Heat Mode

Turbo Super Mode

Turbo Super Mode is a Turbo Mode that Max hates, but Steel loves. It is also ninth Turbo Mode. It was officially named Turbo Super Mode in Ultralink Hunter, but was first used in Supermania.  It uses Activation Phrases to activate powers similar to those of a Superhero, hence the name.Max Steel first used Turbo Super Mode in Supermania, under the guise of Turbo Super Flight mode, due to Steel being obsessed with Super heroes at the time.  Pretty much everyone except for Steel thought it looked ridiculous.  By the end of the episode, Steel agreed to go back to the old Steel Suit.

Super mode returned in Ultralink Hunter, where Steel used it once again, much to Max's annoyance.

Turbo Heat Mode

Turbo Heat Mode is Max's tenth Turbo Mode. With this mode, Max Steel can transform his T.U.R.B.O Energy into scorching fire… literally turning up the heat on his enemies! Max used this mode to melt Metal Elementor and to unfreeze the island. It first appeared on "Hot Zone". He has arm-mounted flame cannons allow for varied Turbo Heat blasts attacks, ranging from massive Turbo fireballs to multi-stream Turbo flamethrower attacks. This Turbo Mode needs a lot of Turbo Power.

Turbo Rocket Mode

Turbo Rocket Mode

Turbo Rocket Mode is Max's eleventh Turbo Mode. Turbo Rocket is a powerful of Max Steel. So powerful that this mode defeated Makino. This mode allows Max and Steel to blast off into high orbital flight. Turbo Rocket Mode debuts in Makino Strikes.This mode was unlocked when Max told to Steel a code that make Max and Steel go to Steel's memory core, there they saw a message of Jim McGrath (Ja'em Mk'rah) to Max about Max's Tachyon heredity, after ending the message Jim unlocks turbo rocket mode to Max Steel. In this form he's able to shoot rockets and able to launch blue energy and has ability to fly.

Turbo Spike Mode

Turbo Spike Mode

Turbo Spike Mode is Max's twelvth Turbo Mode and one of Max Steel's new Turbo ModesTurbo Spike is a ninja-like Turbo Mode that has turbofied spikes on two long, black whips. When Steel scans the turbofied rock, he unlocks this Turbo mode which he later tells Max about.  Jim McGrath used to have this Turbo Mode, since inside the rock, there was a spike.

Steel's Turbo Mode

  • Turbo Mimic Mode (Cannon)Go to Turbo Mimic Mode (Strength)
  • Turbo Mimic Mode (Cannon)Go to Turbo Mimic Mode (Cannon)
  • Turbo Mimic Mode (Super)Go to Turbo Mimic Mode (Super)

Turbo Mimic Mode

Turbo Mimic Mode is a Turbo Mode that's only useable by Steel.  It is Steel's First Turbo mode. Mimic Mode allows Steel to create his own versions of Max's Turbo Modes, at the cost of more T.U.R.B.O Energy. But overusing this mode makes Max & Steel unable to change modes. Turbo Mimic Mode's first appearance was in The Ultralink Hunter. He gets thumbs when he mimics Strength or Cannon mode. Till now he has only mimiced Turbo Super ModeTurbo Cannon Mode and Turbo Strength Mode.

Camouflage Modes

Camouflage Mode #1

Max Steel Reboot Maxwell McGrath
Max Steel Reboot Maxwell McGrath-3-
Camouflage Mode #1 is Max Steel's third Turbo Mode he's in. It first appeared in the episode, Come Together Part Two. This Camouflage Mode includes Max's blue sweater, a 'M' logo (So Steel can Ultralink with Max), Max's gray shirt, and a pair of jeans. This appears in almost all of the episodes. This Camouflage Mode is a very cool one for Max, like a like swag mode. There are also some times where he doesn't have the sweater on, he has his gray shirt, the one he uses under the blue sweater that he wears on. People in Copper Canyon had not yet found out what the 'M' logo stands for, so he is safe. In the trailer, Maxwell McGrath was wearing the sweater, but he has the 'M' logo very small and it is on the right corner on his sweater, instead of the center on the sweater. That version of the Camouflage Mode must had been like how it was going to look like first, but then it must had been redesigned, or just like a mistake from the directors or something like that. This was first used when Max was going to school, but was in his Turbo Base Mode still, so Steel made Max a Camouflage Mode for him, so no one could see his Turbo Base Mode, and so that people don't notice that he is Max Steel.


  • The Turbo Modes have blue, black, and white.
  • The Turbo Modes have Steel linked on them.
  • Turbo Strength and Turbo Cannon are both like the same.
  • Turbo Clone looks like Turbo Base Mode.
  • Turbo Stealth Mode is like Turbo Base Mode in dark colors.
  • Some of the Turbo Modes are all used in one episode.

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