Turbo Deep Star Sea
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Season 2, Episode 7
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Air Date TBA
Written By TBA
Directed By TBA
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Turbo Deep Star Sea is the 33rd episode of Max Steel (2013 TV Series) and the 7th episode of Season 2. It was written by TBA and directed by TBA. This episode was released in TBA.


Miles Dredd searches for the first piece of the Turbo Star while Makino's forces attack an N-Tek base thanks to a false warning by Dredd that they have a super weapon, as a distraction.


Naught decodes the location of the first piece of the Turbo Star and he and Dredd go searching for it. Unfortunately, there is an N-Tek base that would detect him using his energy to uncover the piece. He sends false info to Makino's forces, and they attack the underwater base, intent on destroying the missile that they think is there. Max and Steel speed over in the Turbo Jet, and they split up. Steel takes the jet in it's submarine mode to hunt for the Turbo Star piece, and Max goes to help the N-Tek Agents. Max fights the Evil Ultralinks inside the base, but has a problem because he can't change out of Turbo Scuba Mode because he doesn't have Steel with him. He eventually defeats the Ultralinks, and takes out Metal Elementor by taking him deep underwater where the pressure is too great for his metal body. Meanwhile Steel, Dredd, and Naught fight over the piece of the Turbo Star, but it is lost in the battle. Ultimate Water Elementor saves Metal Elementor and grabs the piece, and at the end of the episode, gives it to Dredd.


Andrew Francis as Maxwell McGrath

Samuel Vincent as Steel, Chomp Link, and Roberto 'Berto' Martinez

Mark Oliver as Miles Dredd

Brian Dobson as Jason Naught

Brian Drummond as Blast Link

Trevor Devall as Metal Elementor

Lee Tockar as Prism Link

Kathleen Barr as T.J.

Omari Newton as Jefferson Smith

Michael Dobson as Forge Ferrus




Ultimate Elementor

Metal Elementor

Miles Dredd

Jason Naught



  • There is a question in the Ultralink Invasion App about this episode.
  • The Turbo Jet was introduced in this episode.
  • T.J., the AI (Artificial Intelligence) installed in the Turbo Jet, maker her first appearance. Steel likes her, though she rebuffs his affections and likes C.Y.T.R.O instead.

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