Troy Winter's Secret Hideout is a hideout that belongs to Troy Winter. In that place, which is also his house, is where Vin, Dwayne, and Troy's Pet Tiger live also. The place has a gate outside, and it is tall. It has masks, like Tiki masks and other stuffs. In the basement of the hideout, there is like a secret place where Troy/ Extroyer, had cameras to see what was happening around the world or something like that. In the basement, that is where Troy's Pet Tiger lives, and there is where his dish and a purple ball is since. In the place, there is also a couch and a television, and Troy Winter can rest and watch things. The place was still used by Extroyer, which is Troy Winter's mutation appearance, after the damaged Ultralink exploded in front of him and turned him into a monster who can Extroyer into any animal he touches. Later on, Extroyer changes to another hideout, which was introduced in Driven. Troy Winter's Secret Hideout first appeared in The Thrill of the Hunt.

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