CBX51-Boneco-Max-Steel-Makino-Mutante-Triplo-Mattel 3
Triple Transform Makino is an action figures based on Makino with three armors. It was released in 2014 in the second wave of figures, and was a part of the Aerial Invasion.


In this set, Makino comes with two armors, and one figure that is adaptable with any in this set. Each armor is divided into three pieces, two that can be inserted into Makino's arms, and one that can be inserted into his chest.

Each of those armors have one gimmick, the gray one (ship) features a part of the armor that can spin, and the red one (helicopter) have a propeller that is able to spin.


  • The helicopter can be used play separately.
    • The Helicopter that was absorbed, was a N-Tek helicopter.
  • The articulation on Makino's arms were changed by an unknown reason.

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