The Transmitter Component is a component of the N-Tek Transmitter. It is green and white and about 1/2 the size of the Tox-Bomb. It doesn't include any of N-Tek's encoding software, so when Steel stole and activated it in X Marks the SpotJason Naught and Axel were able to track it using Naught's App. As it is only part of the whole transmitter, it only gives the coordinates of the transmitter it is closest to. At the end of the episode, Roberto 'Berto' Martinez destroyed it using C.Y.T.R.OMiles Dredd then forced Naught to use what remained of it to make something that did the transmitter's purpose. In Earth Under Siege Part One, the transmitter component was fixed by Jason Naught and then the component showed a map of all the locations of N-Tek transmitters on Earth.