Toxzon's blimp
Toxzon's Blimp was a vehicle used by Toxzon that debuted on Max Steel: Maximum Morphos.

TV Show

Animated Films

Maximum Morphos

While Copper Canyon citizens were calmly walking in the park, Toxzon suddenly appeared with his blimp and declared that they would be clean and only through intoxication the planet could finally be remade. He started to release his toxic gas. Max Steel then appears flying with his Turbo Flight Mode and later activates his Turbo Hydro Heat Mode to stop Toxzon. The villain tries to defeat Max but he uses his cannons that turn up the bombs and make them explode, and at the same time manages to knock down the villain. While Steel made a joke, Toxzon got up and activated a cannon that started to release Goopanoids. Meanwhile, Morphos started to defeat all these Goopanoids. Ultimately, Max turn up the rest of the bombs, which explode the whole blimp and they are taken away by these explosions. By mimicking the powers of Max's Turbo Strength Mode, Morphos successfully stops the blimp from causing large amounts of damage.


  • Cannons: The vehicle is equipped with two cannons in each side, able to launch toxic gas. There two kinds of cannons, one being capable of releasing a toxic gas and the other capable of launching different kinds of Goopanoids constituted by a green goop.
  • Bombs: It was equipped with a wide variety of bombs charged with toxic gas.


  • It was the first vehicle used by Toxzon in the entire series.

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