Toxic Seagull
Toxic Seagull is a seagull that later turned toxic and radioactive, because he ate a Toxic Piranha, which was defeated by Max Steel and C.Y.T.R.O. It also appeared when Vin and Dwayne (Extroyer's Henchmen) where fishing in the fountain, then the Toxic Seagull came to them and then they got scared of it. It also made cameos in Pick Your Poison, when it was going to its nest, and also near N-Tek, and was almost attacked by Ultimate Elementor, who was attacking N-Tek for revenge. Also appeared when Max Steel was about to shoot Toxzon's Hypnosis Serum on Ultimate Elementor's Core, but then the Toxic Seagull came, then crashed with Max Steel, and then made Max fall down. It first appeared in Gone Fishin'

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