Toxic Relationship
Season 2, Episode 4
Air Date TBA
Written By Sean Jara
Directed By Daniel Ife
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Toxic Relationship is the 30th episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series) and the 4th episode of Season 2. It was written by Sean Jara and directed by Daniel Ife.


When a Stealth Ultralink links with Fishy, it creates Plaztek, a clumsy and defective monster. Then, Toxzon and Plaztek make a deal to destroy the water supplement through a oil leak.


Continuity of the series


Important Events

  • Fishy is linked with an Ultralink, and he is consequently killed in the final scenes of the episode.

Featured Characters



  • This episode makes the first appearence of Toxzon in Season 2, alongside with his comrade, Fishy.
  • This episode was directed, again, by Sean Jara, writter of Hot Wheels: Battle Force Five.
  • Andrew Francis got a reward of Best Performance Voice Animation Program because of this episode in Leo Awards.

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