Max Steel Reboot Toxzon-5-
The Tox-Bomb is a dangerous and toxic bomb. This bomb was made by some mad man and it is highly dangerous, as said. This bomb has some Chernobyl-like result. The Tox-Bomb was stolen by Toxzon by using C.Y.T.R.O, since he hacked him and he was able to control him all the time and Toxzon wanted it because he wanted to get very powerful with the Tox-Bomb, when it exploded. The Tox-Bomb was preserved in the Chemi-Vault, which is in N-Tek. The Tox-Bomb has a woman voice, when it was doing its countdown on when it was going to explode. It was also deactivated a lot of times. The Tox-Bomb was lastly deactivated when it was about to explode, which had 2 seconds left to explode. When C.Y.T.R.O stole the Tox-Bomb, Max Steel and Roberto 'Berto' Martinez were riding the Turbo Cycle and followed C.Y.T.R.O to Toxzon's Secret Hideout. The Tox-Bomb's first appearance was in C.Y.T.R.O Attacks!.

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