Max Steel The Invasion Begins
The Invasion Begins is the fourth DVD released based on the new Max Steel franchise, having the last episodes of Season 1. It has seven episodes, and comes with special features. The cover features Max Steel using Turbo Strength Mode, and Miles Dread in T.U.R.B.O. Energy Mode.

Official Synopsis

Go, Go, Go Turbo!

Max Steel has faced some out-of-this world challenges before, but none as fearsome as Makino and his army of Ultralinks. They plan an all-out invasion of earth and it will be up to Max Steel to defend the planet. But with Dread launching his arsenal of missiles to destroy the earth's defence grid, there will be no stopping the march of Makino and his forces. Can Max Steel prevent Dread from accomplishing his devastating mission - or will the worlds turbo-powered hero have to face the might of Makino and his army here on earth?


Special Features


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