The technopocalypse has arrived!

Professor Mortum, Team Turbo Fusion Tek

The Technopocalypse is a event that takes place on Team Turbo Fusion-Tek. The event consisted in all living beings residing on Earth being transformed into robot zombies and therefore succumbing to Mortum's control.



After Mortum emerged from his grave, he started to absorb the brainwaves of many humans and thus transforming them into robot zombies. Eventually, Mortum's actions reached great proportions at the point of almost all Copper Canyon being infected. This marked the beginning of the Technopocalypse.

The Event

Eventually, after Mortum managed to defeat Max and his team, he spreads a large wave of white energy over the world that transformed everyone and everything in the sight into robot zombies. Shortly after, Max's friends, Alex, C.Y.T.R.O. and Rayne were transformed into zombies and later on started to hunt down him. However, he manages to revert the mutation just in time: Mortum was consuming the brainwaves of eleven billion minds, which he referred as "The Great Feeding".

The Great Feeding

Prior to The Great Feeding, Mortum dissected Steel and found his T.U.R.B.O. Energy bank, the device capable of storing limitless amounts of T.U.R.B.O. Energy that Steel consumes and started to create his own version known as the Brain Bank, having the same basic functions as Steel's version, but instead of absorbing Max's energy, it would absorb brainwaves.

While Mortum was absorbing brainaves, Max and his team approached him and started to attack him and eventually destroyed him. Mortum reunites himself and transforms into Turbo Scorpion Mode, later proclaiming that the Technopocalypse had started. While Max released some T.U.R.B.O. Energy rays through the blades of his Turbo Prime Mode and one of them hit Mortum's abdomen, Steel realised that the Connect-Tek abnormally glowed. After Max discovered his weak point, Mortum sent his full armada of zombies. Rayne realises that the mental link (created when Max's friends were transformed back into humans) was still on, she shares her new powers alongside with Alex and C.Y.T.R.O.. Max then transforms into Turbo Mega Mode and eventually manages to defeat Mortum by impaling his sword into his abdomen, thus making a vulnerable Connect-Tek with the Brain Bank appear.

After the Connect-Tek was destroyed, the mutation was reverted and Mortum started to glow until he was destroyed (presumably once for all) and the Technopocalypse ended.


The term "technopocalypse" is the portmanteau of techno, word usually associated with technology and pocalypse from the word apocalypse, an event consisting in a catastrophic damage or the complete destruction of the world.

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