Team Terror
Terror Team is a team of super villains led by Terrorax. It is constituted by four members, being those, Terrorax himself, Snare, Night Howl and Monster.


The villains were all united by Terrorax and each of them have different origins, despite they all share something in common: they are assassins.[1]

When Lord Nexus said to Terrorax that he had understimated Max Steel and his team, he shows the trio in stasis and gives a brief descritpion about their origins. Terrorax charges them with his Terror Energy, and wakes them from their stasis.

Each of them is sent to a specific location to fight Max and his team. Snare fights against La Fiera, Night Howl against Max Steel and Monster against C.Y.T.R.O. and Tempestra. They are eventually defeated and are misleaded to be dead, but as soon Max's team left, they quickly recover to another battle.

When Max's team arrived on Terrorax's secret hideout, the villain sents Team Terror to take on Team Turbo. La Fiera fights against his evil counterpart, Night Howl, with his brand new Turbo Raptor Mode, while Max uses his Turbo Sword to slash Monster's minions and Snare fights Tempestra with his deadly weapons. Eventually, Night Howl is thrown in the wall and faints, Monster is slashed in many pieces by Max and Snare is hit by his own saw in the shoulder by Tempestra.

After Terrorax is successfully defeated, Max and his team escapes from the villain's hideout and each of them carry a member of Team Terror. They are lastly mentioned by a Nexus agent stating that their new agents were captured.


Team Terror is set to appear in Turbo-Warriors.

Known Members


  1. Confirmed by the spanish trailer of Turbo-Charged.

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