Max Steel Reboot Airships
THI Airships are fighter jets that are built, owned and used by Miles Dredd, Jason Naught and THI. These are flying vehicles that are used for transportation and good for aerial fights, equipped with homing missiles to destroy other aircraft (or superheroes). THI Airships debuts in Come Together Part One.


They were created probably, to steal Ultralinks that were sent by Makino, as seen in Come Together Part One. However, they are used to transport (generally) Miles Dredd and Jason Naught to specific locations.

TV Show

Used By


  • They have all the same shape, and are similiar to the Star Wars ships.
  • Each one of these ships has the THI logo.
  • Only one person who isn't in Dredd's side that used it.
    • This character was Commander Forge Ferrus, since he was kidnapped by Dredd and escaped with one of the ships.
  • There is a stealth mode to it that is used a few times.

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