Main Screen of Steel Defense.
Steel Defense is a game from Max Steel's Official Website, with 12 levels. This game consists in defeating 300 Evil Ultralinks that are invading Copper Canyon, to later achieve 300,000 points.


Turbo Snipers - Instructions
In this game, you play as Steel, which is able to shoot blue projectiles. There are three type of different Ultralinks in this game, consisting in Stealth Ultralink (the weakest), Stinger Ultralink (the most resistant), and Fighter Ultralink (the most powerful and durable), each phase consists in defeating an determined quantity of Ultralinks, wherein, the quantity increases. Steel counts with a life bar with 5 units, is able to shoot projectiles, and can be only damaged if he is hit by red spheres, which decreases his life bar.

There are also allies in the game, that may appear in the scenario, but they are there to help you, not to disturb.





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