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Deh Season Two
Season 2 is the second season of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series)Maxwell McGrath and Steel now both know about their past, but now they should fight a more bigger group of villains, but they are little, but very dangerous. And they should defeat new villains and also defeat their old villains. But also aliens they should be combating both.


Max Steel Reboot Ultralink-1-
Our two great heroes, Max and Steel, now they both know about the truth about their past, and they should combat more evil villains. They will still be combating old villains like Miles DreddJason NaughtThe ElementorsToxzonExtroyer, and more. Also new villains from put of this world like Blast LinkChomp LinkPrism LinkPlaztekVen GhanMetal Elementor, and others more to come. And also they will be combating against Ultralinks, but not only one, but an Invasion of Ultralinks that are very evil, that our heroes will be fighting against with to protect the world. And more people will know Max Steel's secret identity? Also there will be an invasion of Ultralinks and also, Max will have to face Makino.

The "Old" Season 2

Before Season 2 was aired, there were plans by Mattel that they will make for the series. Like, new agents were coming to the series. They were going to be Charles "Chuck" MarshakRachel Leeds, and Jake Nez, And also new villains that were going to be introduced. They were going to be Dark TitanDragonellaElectrixBio-Constrictor, and more. Dark Titan was cancelled because of parents who thought that Dark Titan would be some trouble for kids. So it was taken to court and they cancelled Dark Titan and the other new characters that were going to appear in Season 2.

List of Episodes

  1. Ultralink Invasion Part One
  2. Ultralink Invasion Part Two
  3. Dredd Ascendant
  4. Toxic Relationship
  5. Full Metal Racket
  6. Animal Attraction
  7. Turbo Deep Star Sea
  8. Ultralink Hunter (Episode)
  9. Digital Meltdown


Max Steel 2013 Season 2 Trailer01:29

Max Steel 2013 Season 2 Trailer

Max Steel 2013 Season 2 Review Told by Kirby Kowalski-102:34

Max Steel 2013 Season 2 Review Told by Kirby Kowalski-1


  • It is rumored that C.Y.T.R.O will have personal life and make a friendship with Roberto 'Berto' Martinez, after a battle.
  • There might be a second Invasion of Ultralinks in this season, since in Season 1, in the Season Finale, Earth Under Siege Part Two, there was an Invasion of Ultralinks.
  • The Ultralink Hunters might be introduced in the Season.
  • It might be like the Season 2 of TMNT (2012 TV Series), because it is said that there will be Ultralinks all over Copper Canyon, which is similar to the TMNT, who are in search of Mutagen Canisters that are in the city, before there are mutants, which of course, there are.
  • It is rumored that Kirby might learn Max Steel's true identity
  • It is rumored that Sydney will also learn Max Steel's identity for the second time, and possibly bonded with an Ultralink of her own.
  • Fishy and an Ultralink bond to turn into Plaztek.

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