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Season 2 (original title: Invasion of Ultralinks) is the second season of the new TV series of Max Steel. It was in production in the end of 2013, and only aired in 2014.

In this season, Max and Steel must defend the earth from Makino and his Ultralinks, and discover the truth behind their pasts.


Arc: The Invasion of Ultralinks

Max Steel Reboot Ultralink-1-
After one year, Maxwell McGrath and his best friend Steel saved Earth and N-Tek of the second invasion of Ultralinks, and they discover that now, there is a fleet of Ultralinks coming to Earth to destroy and expand. Steel is captured by an Ultralink Hunter named Ven-Ghan to bring him to justice by his crimes.

Arc: Turbo Star

When Makino invaded Earth for the first time, Maxwell McGrath and Steel faced the worst enemy that they ever fought, but they managed to defeat Makino with Turbo Rocket Mode. They later discover that Makino is alive, and that the only thing that is able to stop him, is the Turbo Star. There's only one small problem: Miles Dredd is whas two parts of the Turbo Star, and there's only one left. Now, they have to get Turbo Star from Dredd, with the arrival of Makino's Armada breathing down on their necks.

Arc: Makino on Earth

Makino invaded Earth for the first time in Makino Strikes, but was succesfully defeated by Max and Steel with their newest Turbo Mode: Turbo Rocket Mode. Now, Makino is returning to Earth with a fleet of Ultralinks, Makino Ships, and the worst of them, the Alphalink. To defend against Makino, N-Tek built the Daedelus Plataform, a giant weapons platform with powerful artillery. Alongside it,Max and Steel have the Turbo Star to use against Makino.




  • Makino - One of Max Steel's worst enemies, Makino is the master of technology and is able to convert everything related to machines into weapons to his body. He is the leader of Ultralinks, and is determined to destroy Earth with them.
  • Miles Dredd - Max Steel's archenemy, Miles Dredd worked to Makino, but now is seeking for the Turbo Star to destroy him and then conquer the world.
  • Jason Naught - Miles Dredd's helper, in this season, he helps Dredd seeking the locations of parts of the Turbo Star.
  • Metal Elementor - One of Makino's most powerfull commanders, he linked with an pyramid and to create his Megalinked form; Metallak is able to change into virtually any metal existing in Earth, and is now seeking revenge on Steel.
  • Extroyer - In Season 2, Extroyer gets new transformations and make less appearences than the previous season. His main goal was also to defeat Makino with his scorpion transformation.
  • Blast Link - Previously, one Stealth Ultralink that linked with a gun and created a monster named Blast. He was sent by Makino to destroy Max Steel, but Blast Link's plans didn't worked as he planned: he always fails and leaves his team to disaster.
  • Chomp Link - Previously, one Stinger Ultralink that linked with a venus fly-trap, and created a monster named Chomp. He has a giant mouth, and is able to use powers related to nature, of the group, he is the dumbest.
  • Prism Link - Previously, one Makino Elite Ultralink that linked with crystals, and created a creature named Prism. He is able to shoot crystals, and of the group, is the most loyal to Makino.
  • Plaztek - When Fishy was linked by Toxzon's mistake, a defective and strange monster was created, named Plaztek. He had the ability to launch projectiles, and was killed by Max Steel through the Turbo Drills.
  • Avatak - To get revenge because of Fishy, Toxzon made a trap and an Megalink linked with a video-game. Avatak was the boss of the game that Max and Steel were playing, and had the abilities of shoot powerful projectiles. He was destroyed when he was killed in the video-game.
  • Grim Reaper Monsters - Two Ultralinks were sent to discover the source of Tachyon Energy, and they linked with grim statues to complete the job. They are able to get invisible, walk through walls and use their giant scythes. They were defeated by Max and Steel, and afterall they appear to be alive, but they never were shown after.
  • Toxzon - In Season 2, Toxzon barely makes new appearences and new transformations. After he lost Fishy, Toxzon's emotional was affected and he started to decay without Fishy.
  • Ultralinks Monsters - They are Ultralinks that linked with some weapon or object, in consequence. They generally link with tanks, guns, animals, rocks, and bones.
  • Ragnok - Another Ultralink Hunter, that is determined to hunt down Steel and especially Ven-Ghan, because he betrayed the Black Star Council.
  • X376 - One Ultralink that was created after Makino's defeat, and later carried a virus that would reprogram Steel, so he would became an evil Ultralink.

List of Episodes

  1. Ultralink Invasion Part One
  2. Ultralink Invasion Part Two
  3. Dredd Ascendant
  4. Toxic Relationship
  5. Full Metal Racket
  6. Animal Attraction
  7. Turbo Deep Star Sea
  8. Ultralink Hunter (Episode)
  9. Digital Meltdown
  10. Journey to the Center of Copper Canyon
  11. Hot Zone (Originally know as "The Loss of Space")
  12. Lights, Camera, Max!
  13. Legend of Ja'em Mk'rah
  14. Makino Strikes: Part One
  15. Makino Strikes: Part Part Two
  16. Got Turbo Star
  17. My Best Friend is an Ultralink
  18. Me, Myself, and Extroyer
  19. Definitely Fear the Reaper
  20. Turbolt the Terrible
  21. Reprogrammed
  22. A Germ of an Idea
  23. Fugitives
  24. The Great Turbo Star Caper
  25. The Final Countdown Part One (Originally know as "Turbo Nova Part One")
  26. The Final Countdown Part Two (Originally know as "Turbo Nova Part Two")


In 2013, two videos from season 2 leaked on internet thanks to user from YouTube. They were trailers with two minutes or less showing some events of Season 2. Also, all the scenes related to season 2 were deleted, and never seen again.

The first trailer (below) was available in FremantleMedia's kids website, alongside with another one that Kirby Kowalski was narrating. The trailer shows a giant Makino Ship (that supposedly was going to be Alphalink), Metal Elementor roaring (which was a part of Elements of Surprise Part One, when Air Elementor invades N-Tek; later, Mattel reused and Metal Elementor was inserted in the scene), Makino recreating his armor, Ven-Ghan teleporting, and in the final scene, Makino Ships invading Earth. Curiously, most of the scenes used in this bonus was from Season 1, and only some scenes (that were deleted) from Season 2.

Max Steel Reboot Trailer 2 temporada-001:29

Max Steel Reboot Trailer 2 temporada-0

The second and official traler (below), was released in the official site of Max Steel and later on Youtube. In this version, the whole trailer focused in Season 2, especially in the new villains, adventures, events, and new Turbo Modes, while it also announced the Ultralink Invasion app.

The Ultralink Invasion is on! Max Steel Season 2 Trailer-143199163802:00

The Ultralink Invasion is on! Max Steel Season 2 Trailer-1431991638


  • Toxzon, alongside with Extroyer, made only five appearences in this season, which is less appearences than in the previous season.
  • In the finale of this season, the Ultralink Invasion accords.
  • Max Steel unleashes new Turbo Modes, like Turbo Heat Mode, Turbo Rocket Mode, and Turbo Spike Mode.
  • Season 2 forced more into the Ultralinks than any other villain from the series.
  • Different of the previous Season, this one wasn't aired by Disney XD, and was only aired on Australia, through the GO! channel.
  • Before the premiere of Season 2, there were rumors about a character named Dark Titan, that supposedly would be Max's worst enemy, also having similiar abilities, like controlling the Anti-Turbo Energy and having an Ultralink similiar to Steel, and the return of Electrix, Bio-Con, and Dragonelle. However, Mattel confirmed that everything was a lie.

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