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Scorpion Sting Extroyer is an action figure based on Extroyer in his Scorpion mode. This figure was released in 2015 in the first wave of action figures, and is a part of Battle-Tek line.


The figure, when compared to Extroyer's previous ones, is very different. Extroyer does not have the crystals on his shoulder, only in his chest, his mutated arm was replaced with an scorpion, his left arm was replaced by the tail of the scorpion, and two fangs can be seen in his mouth. However, he still retains the characteristcs of his main mode. It has nine points of articulation, and comes with one acessory.

He is able to move his scorpion claws when a button in his mutated arm is pressed. He also comes with one crystal, that can be inserted on his left arm, or in his left shoulder.


  • This is the first Extroyer figure to be in a thin box. Most of Extroyer figures in the past years were expensive, because they were transformable.

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