Scorpion Mortum
Ultimate Mortum is the second and last action figure of Professor Mortum released in 2016. It was introduced in the second half of action figures and is a part of both Connect-Tek and Team Turbo Fusion-Tek toy lines.


  • Scorpion Mortum vs Mega Max Steel: If Max can hit Mortum in the exact place with his sword, the victory will be yours!
  • Turbo Max Steel vs Scorpion Mortum: When Mortum transforms into his scorpion mode, Max will have to use all his defenses in order to stop this terrible villain!


Compared to other figures, Mortum is relatively larger due to his large scorpion legs and bulkier build. He possesses aproximately 39-40cm while other figures have 30cm or less, also making him the largest figure of the 2016 toy line alongside with Turbo Max Steel and Mega Max Steel. His face retains almost the same traces as his main mode, such the metallic jaw with the irregular teeths, black eyes with white pupils and light green skin, but this time he has a device attached to his right eye and two horns protuding from each side of his head. He also have a green giant poligon on his forehead. He has a large light green skull in his torso which possesses the three hexagons instead of eyes and small teeths, which cover the transparent sphere on his torso. His left arm is totally grey and its half have bones while the rest has a robot-like aspect. He also have a large transparent blade similar to a scythe. His right arm is muscular and have a hexagon pattern. He also have four gigantic legs protuding from his torso, which its claws are grey. Each "knee" have a skull.

Mortum is capable of making a rotatory attack with his torso and comes with two different types of projectiles, the first being his hand and the second a drill, both having the same color. If the large sphere on Mortum's abdomen is hit, his arms and helmet will jump-off, all at the same time.



  • A TV spot was made for Scorpion Mortum versus Mega Max Steel.
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