Max Steel The Rise of Elementor
Rise of the Elementor is the third DVD on the new Max Steel franchise It has seven episodes, and comes with special features. The cover features Max Steel using Turbo Flight Mode fighting against Ultimate Elementor.

Official Synopsis

One human, One alien - All Hero!

Get ready for a cyclone of action and adventure as Max Steel takes on a might of a powerful new adversary: Ultimate Elementor! Charged with the force of water, earth, air and fire, Ultimate Elementor take the world by storm - a storm that the world has never seen before. Only one hero can deliver the globe from destruction - and Max Steel will do it the only way he knows out. Let's go Turbo!


Special Features


  • Coincidentally, it has the same name of the app, released in the same year (2013).
  • Unlike its processors, it has seven episodes.

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