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Rise of Elementor (Line) is an exclusive action figure line released only in Mexico and USA. Like another lines, this was a very short line, and it mostly had double pack figures.


With the sucess of the App, The Rise of Elementor, there was a whole new line based on the game. Actuallly, most of the figures in this line are relaunched figures of old toys in the reboot line, and some, are completely new, like the figure of Ultimate Elementor.

List of Figures

Toy Lines of Max Steel (2013 TV Series)
2013 Strength · Speed · Stealth · 6 Inch Toy Line · Rise of Elementor · Turbo Battlers
2014 Aerial Invasion · Aqua Invasion · Land Invasion · Mega-Sized Villain · 6 Inch Toy Line
2015 Battle-Tek · Connect-Tek · Transform-Tek · Max Steel: The Movie · Ultra Turbo Battlers (cancelled)
2016 Connect-Tek · Team Turbo · Team Turbo Fusion-Tek · VS Rip-Spin Warriors
2017 Connect-Tek · Turbo-Charged · Turbo-Warriors · Turbo Missions
Others McDonalds's Toys · Burger King Toys · Easter Eggs

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