Quick Strike Extroyer Toy
Quick Strike Extroyer is an action figure based on Extroyer in his Main Mode. It was released in 2013, and is a part of Speed line.


The figure is mostly black with purple details in the shoulders (mainly the crystails), waist, legs, and boots. The figure has eleven points of articulation, and comes with one accessory and three projectiles.

The figure comes with one purple sword that can be inserted into Extroyer's left hand, and three projectiles that can be launched through Extroyer's right hand. The projectiles can be also stored in the crystals on his shoulder if they aren't going to be used.


  • There was a old version of this figure, that was previously released in internet. The figure, instead of having black armor, was going to have a purple armor with pink details on it, and more crystals on the shoulders. The mutated hand of Extroyer was also different, so much, that had articulation on it.