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Power Spike Prism Link is an action figure based on Prism Link. It was released in 2014 in the second wave of action figures, and is a part of Land Invasion line.


Prism Link features a completely translucent body, only having dark blue paint job on the end of spikes, torso, and ankles. His right claw has an orange paint job on the inside which is can be seen through the clear plastic. Like other Ultralinks released on the line, Prism doesn't have his Ultralink on the face, but instead, it is completely blank, even though the head still has the sculpture of a Makino Elite Ultralink. It has seven points of articulation.

Prism Link's arms both have gimmicks; the left one can launch a projectile, while the right can open and divide his claw into three parts, revealing the interior of the claw, featured by orange.


  • The figure has similar gimmicks to a figure named "Ice Elementor" that was released on 2007 on the old line. Both figures have gimmicks on both arms, and have white body.