Pick Your Poison
Season 1, Episode 23
Air Date November 9, 2013
Written By Matthew Drdek
Directed By Logan McPherson
Jeremy Brown
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Split Decisions Thanks, I Think

Pick Your Poison is the twenty third episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). This episode was written by Matthew Drdek and directed by Logan McPherson & Jeremy Brown. This episode was aired on November 9, 2013.


When N-Tek resolves that they need assistance in taking down Elementor they enlist an unlikely ally -- Toxzon!


Important Events


  • When Toxzon took the control of Ultimate Elementor, it was a reference to the movie "Max Steel vs Toxic Legion", where Toxzon floods Elementor with nuclear mud.
  • This was the first episode that shown N-Tek making a deal with a villain.
  • The original title of this episode was going to be "Secret Agent Men", where Max, Steel, Jefferson, and Kat were going to Japan to capture an Ultralink that was set up by Miles Dredd as a trap.

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