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Morphos Ahead
Nerd Corps Entertainment Logo

Nerd Corps Entertainment's logo.

Nerd Corps Entertainment, now known as DHX Studios Vancouver since 2016, is a Canadian computer animation studio based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, founded by Mainframe Entertainment producers Asaph Fipke and Chuck Jonhson in 2002. On December 24, 2014, the Canadian company DHX Media acquired Nerd Corps and eventually in the beginning of 2016 the company was renamed to DHX Studios Vancouver.

Since 2013, Nerd Corps was in charge of animating Max Steel series. Nerd Corps. They animated the first, second seasons, bonus clips, the 2015 movie trilogy of Max Steel (2013 TV Series) and six mini episodes. The mini episodes had only six minutes and were split into three parts, each having two minutes. This marked the last time they worked on Max Steel and since then, the series is being animated by Arc Productions.

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