The N-Tek Striker Drone was a unmanned aircraft used by N-Tek and created by Roberto Martinez.


The drones were created between the episodes Earth Under Siege Part Two and Ultralink Invasion Part Two, and were made by Roberto 'Berto' Martinez.

Season 2

Ultralink Invasion Part One

Berto showed them off in the beginning of the episode and they were later used to combat the Ultralinks and Dredd in Copper Canyon.

Ultralink Invasion Part Two

An Ultralink took control of them when it took over the N-Tek Mainframe. Later, when Ven-Ghan captured the Ultralink, they were used by N-Tek to combat the Makino's ships.

Dredd Ascendant

When N-Tek upgaded their mainframe and the Ultralinks attacked, they were offline until the mainframe rebooted and they helped beat back the Ultrlinks.

Capabilities and Equipment

  • Laser Cannons: The drones are equipped with four laser cannons.
  • Space Travel: The drones can fly in outer space.


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