N-Tek Blaster

The N-Tek blasters are the main weapon used by the N-Tek Agents for defense. They are almost always used in order to battle evil villains like Air Elementor, Toxzon, Dredd Naughts and more.


The N-Tek blasters emit a laser blast that when shot, is strong enough to have a mini explosion. They can also project a non harmful laser to show that the user is getting ready to shoot.


It has a white background with a couple of green stripes with an N-Tek symbol on it. It looks a gun, but is three times bigger.


The blasters come in different appearances.

  • Normal kind: These are the main ones used.
  • Rifle blaster: These ones have longer blasting tubes and include a small microscope to shoot directly at the target.
  • Short distance blaster:This blaster has a longer handle and is shorter so it can be used for closer shooting distance.
  • Short distance blaster
  • Rifle blaster
  • Normal blaster

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