Miles Dread's Device
Miles Dread's Device is a device able to absorb T.U.R.B.O. Energy, made while Miles Dread was working on N-Tek. When used, the device Depending on the amount of energy that the device absorbed, the plates will expand, changing the appearence of Miles Dread, notably adding more body mass.

The device gives various powers to Dread, depending if it is heavily loaded, or lightly loaded, while in the last one, the powers of Dread are minimal, becoming a thin and weak man, but when absorbes the required energy, his body mass will increase, and will get new powers. In addition, the device can drastically change Miles Dread's appearence, but not getting various modes with specific abilities, like Max Steel's modes, but they are able to generate weapons of mass destruction.


Miles Dread created this device before the test of Turbo Star. However, during the test, he used the device, absorbing a part of Jim's T.U.R.B.O. Energy, but something went wrong, and the device got permanently stuck on his chest, also sending Jim to the vacuum of the space, and Steel being temporarily disabled.


  • The device is located on the chest, which is also similiar to Steel's linking process, where he is located on the chest too.

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