Give him time, Patience is general's most valuable weapon.

—Metal Elementor

Metal Elementor

Metal Elementor in the future
Metal Elementor's current appearance

Metal Elementor
Metallak as Metal Elementor; his current form

TheLegendofJa'emMkrah (60)
Metallak's initial form, as a Megalink

Gender Male
Alias Metallak
Species Elementor
Status Unknown
Occupation One of Makino's commanders (formerly)
Leader of the Elementors
Age Unknown
Homeworld Planet Makino
Interests Serving Makino
Conquering Earth
Weapons Ferrokinesis
Family Makino (creator)
Elementors (brothers)
Allies The Elementors
Chomp Link
Blast Link
Prism Link
Evil Ultralinks
Rock Links
Tank Links
Centipede Links
Bone Links
Lizard Links
Gun Links
Reaper Links
Enemies Max Steel (especially Steel)
Commander Forge Ferrus
Molly McGrath
Jim McGrath
Rayne Martinez
Alejandro Villar
Major Parker
N-Tek's soldiers
Jefferson Smith
Katherine Ryan
Miles Dread
Jason Naught
Ven Ghan
Tachyon Soldiers
Background Information
First Appearance Full Metal Racket
Last Appearance Team Turbo
Voiced By Trevor Devall

Metal Elementor, sometimes referred as Metallak, is one of Max Steel's enemies introduced on Season 2. He was one of Makino's most feared and trustable commanders, responsible of conquering many planets with his army. He debuted on Full Metal Racket, and is voiced by Trevor Devall.


Early Life

Metal Elementor was originally known as Metallak, one of Makino's most trusted commanders and a Megalink. Alongside with his army, he destroyed many planets, such as Takion and Kaduonn, as he mentioned few times on season 2. He was also responsible of extingushing Ven-Ghan's entire species.

Due to Ultimate Elementor's incompetence and Steel's betrayal, he was sent to Earth by Makino to conquer it alongside with other evil Ultralinks. He went to the southern Maxico and linked with a pyramid and thus Metal Elementor was born, one of most powerful enemies that Max Steel ever faced.

Season 2

Full Metal Racket

After becoming Metal Elementor, he takes the control of Makino's troops, which were originally being comanded by Ultimate Elementor. Through a internet source, Metal Elementor locates Max Steel and for the first time, fights against him, but he is eventually defeated by him after hitting some barrels containing corrosive that defeated Metallak. After that, he vowed revenge against Max and Earth.

Turbo Deep Star Sea

Miles Dread informs to Metal Elementor that N-Tek was developing a Tachyon missile, charged with Max Steel's T.U.R.B.O. Energy, which would be powerful enough to annihilate Makino. Initially, Ultimate Elementor wanted to command the troops until N-Tek's Undersea Base, however, Metal Elementor decided to command it, since he thought that Ultimate Elementor could make a mistake and ruin the mission. He tried to invade the undersea base of N-Tek, but ironically, only with Ultimate Elementor's help, he was to do so. After invading the base, Metal Elementor doesn't find the missile, however, he chooses to destroy Max Steel, but Max eventually defeats him by using the water pressure from the ocean.

Metallak is eventually rescued by Ultimate Elementor.

Turbo Deep Star Sea

Metallak later realizes that Elementor would let him die there, so Metallak make a plan consisting in capturing Max Steel at least in 24 hours, knowing that Elementor would miserably fail. However, for his surprise, Ultimate Elementor capture Steel, as well Ven Ghan, but eventually, they escape with Max Steel's help, even though that Metallak tried to stop them. After the crushing defeat, Metallak says to Ultimate Elementor that he would suffer the consequences, and ultimately absorbs him, creating Mega Elementor.

Hot Zone

Later on, Mega Elementor tracks Max Steel's T.U.R.B.O. Energy in an island, and decides to organize a plan to destroy the island alongside with Max. After all the Ultralinks get beat by Max, Metal Elementor decides to fight against him by himself, and devides into the five and original Elementors to destroy Max. However, the Elementors are also defeated by Max, and Metallak end up into a volcan, where he fights against Max Steel in his newest Turbo Mode: Turbo Heat Mode, later being melted by him. In a desesperate attempt to destroy Max, he accidently hits a rock that makes he fall on lava, though that he didn't died.

He later somehow capture the other Elementors again, though that this is not showed on-screen.

Makino Strikes Part One

Later, when Makino arrives on Earth, as a part of his plan, he ambushes Commander Forge Ferrus, and links one Ultralink with him, creating Forge Link. He, alongside with other Evil Ultralinks and Dredd Naughts, attacked N-Tek's base, and eventually destroyed it.

Makino Strikes Part Two

After the second phase of the plan was concluded, Mega Elementor goes to the THI building, where he participates a showdown against N-Tek's forces. However, when Makino is destroyed by Max Steel, Metallak loses the contact with his master, and is forced to leave alongside with other Ultralinks, with the exception of Forge Link, who was captured by N-Tek.

My Best Friend is an Ultralink

Later, Makino recreates himself, and reveals to be furious with the failure of the plan. Mega Elementor demands Blast, Chomp, and Prism to capture every lost Ultralinks to create a new strategy to take over the world. He also advises that they shouldn't commit any errors, otherwise, they would suffer the consequences. However, they failed miserably, at the point of not capturing any Ultralink, and as Metallak mentioned before, they would suffer the consequences, and then, Chomp Link was thrown in the space.

Torbolt the Terrible

Metal Elementor later appears training some Ultralinks, between them, Torbolt, who secretly didn't trusted on Makino's ways. However, due to several mistakes, Torbolt attacks and unintentionally completes the missions and trainings, and consequently, Metallak see a special potential on him, and sends him to destroy Steel personally. However, he discovers that Torbolt was hiding that he didn't trusted on Makino's destructive ways, and Metallak sends three Ultralinks to destroy Steel, as well Torbolt. When they escape, Metallak decides to fight agains them by himself, but in the end, he is eventually defeated by Torbolt, who attacked him with a hug. Metal Elementor later escapes with Earth's powers.


Later, Mega Elementor manages to create a clone of Steel named X376, which was carrying a virus that would reconfigure Steel, and make him act as an Evil Ultralink. The virus didn't work very well on Steel, only making Max and Steel switch bodies, and for Max's fault, he was traced by Mega Elementor, since he didn't contained Max's T.U.R.B.O. Energy. To bring Steel (dead or alive, as Metallak said), he let the other Elementors fight, a thing that he barely made through the Season. However, despite his efforts, he was ultimately defeated by Max with the Turbo Rocket Mode, which launched a massive blast of T.U.R.B.O. Energy that launched Metallak to the Makino Destroyer, which was his headquarters.

The Final Countdown Part Two

As Mega Elementor, Metallak reappers on Makino's Alphalink while it was next to Earth. He tries to fight off Max Steel, but thanks to his brothers, he was unable to control his body and fight, and was ultimately launched in the space by Max's Turbo Star, making them also divide into their initial forms.

Animated Films

The Wrath of Makino

After a long time, Makino reappers and proposes a competition, where who get his head piece, would turn into the new commander of Ultralinks. Between the competitors, Metal Elementor was one of them, and he was shown to be very desesperate to get Makino's powers. However, though that he was very close to get Makino's powers, he failed, and later glorified Makino (when he took the control of Max), still disappointed.

Maximum Morphos

When Makino was destroyed once for all, it is unknown where he stayed, but he wasn't united with the other Elementors, most likely due to the fact that they are inferior Ultralinks. When he was attacking Copper Canyon, Morphos appeared and absorbed his powers, and later he was arrested to the prison, like the other villains. Later, he was freed of the prison by Miles Dread, where he was forced to make an alliance with Max so they would be able to defeat Morphos once for all. He fought against Morphos' henchmen and even protected Steel, calling him as a friend, but was eventually defeated by Morphos in the end. He later escapes alongside with the other villains.

Team Turbo


Before linking with the pyramid, Metallak was a Megalink with the same characteristics as the others, but he had few differences, including a different head (possessing a head of a Fighter instead of a Raider) and traces of gold in his armor. His Ultralink sphere is also very different of other Ultralinks, possessing golden color and spiky armor.

After linking with the pyramid, Metallak gains a large and muscular build and new abilities. Most of his body is grey while he possesses few golden parts in the fingers and feet. Unlike other Elementors, he possesses a spiky and golden rib that makes him more akin to the classic Elementor. He possesses black eyes with red pupils and gains sharp teeths. He can also switch into two types of weapons, being a saw and a mace. In Max Steel: Team Turbo, Metallak's appearance slightly changed, possessing only red pupils instead of also having black eyes and ankles with golden parts.

In terms of constitution, Metallak consists in several types of metal (for example, titanium and iron), according by a scan made by Steel in Full Metal Racket.


Strict, agressive, commanding, ruthless and smart, Metallak blindly followed Makino's orders without any question. When he lost the battles against Max Steel, he confessed to Makino that he felt embarrassed by his defeat, especially by his soldiers. This denotes his proud and arrogant personality, especially seen on the episode Turbolt, the Terrible. Metallak's main goal consisted in converting Makino's troops residing on Earth into a powerful force that would be capable of defeating Max Steel without failling Makino, promising that he wouldn't fail like Ultimate Elementor.

Metallak also has a deep hatred for the other Elementors mainly due to their failure, considering that they were on Earth during 16 years and weren't able to defeat Max Steel. Metallak gets nervous very easily especially when someone calls him by an Ultralink. He prefers more complex strategies than Ultimate Elementor, whom strategies were mostly simple and direct. However, after the events of Max Steel: Maximum Morphos, it is revealed that Metallak still mistreat the Elementors, but he united forces with them and even refers to them as brothers.




Ultimate Elementor


  • Superhuman Strength: Metallak is considerably more powerful than the other Elementors, being caapble to defeat Max's Turbo Strength Mode with one hit.
  • Superhuman Durability: Metallak is extremely durable and capable of withstanding high temperatures, such as lava, for example. However, he is not able to withstand the heat of Turbo Heat Mode, capable of melting his armor.
  • Weapons Creation: Metal Elementor is able to create three different kind of weapons of his hands: a mace, a saw and launcher.
  • Absorption: Metal Elementor is able to absorb (or annex) other Ultralinks to his body, like he made with Ultimate Elementor, to create Mega Elementor.
  • Ferrokineses: Metallak is able to control everything that is made of metal around him, lifting them or absorbing them, to increase his power.


  • Expert Tactian: Metallak is responsible of conquering and destroying many planets for Makino's glory. During many times, Metallak was able to figure out where Max and Steel were through some sources (in Full Metal Racket) and due to Max's T.U.R.B.O. Energy leak (in Reprogrammed).


  • Energy Core: Metallak possesses a energy core in his forehead, like other of his kind. If the core is hit by someone or something, he will feel agonized for some seconds.



Metal Vs Max
The Gallery of Metal Elementor can be seen Here.


  • He Megalinked with a statue that is located some where in the southern part of Mexico. However, in the Ultralink Invasion app, it says that he linked with the pyramid, instead of the statue.
  • After the Elementors failed to capture Max Steel, he absorbed them and became Mega Elementor.
  • Though that firstly, he was seen to be very angry about Steel's betrayal, he called him as a "friend" in Max Steel: Maximum Morphos.
  • Unlike other Megalinks, Metallak notably had different characteristcs, for example, the head, that resembled a Fighter Ultralink, and the gold traces in his armor.
  • He has several similiarities to the original Elementor. He has spikes on his rib (none of The Elementors have), and a double layer of teeth. 
  • Even though that he is an Elementor, he doesn't refers himself as one, calling himself just as "Metallak".
  • After Makino's death, Metal Elementor became slightly more friendly with the other of his kind, calling them as "brothers" instead of constantly complaining about their failure or intellect. As Mega Elementor, he refers themselves as "they" instead of being only him.
  • Metallakspossibletrueform
    In some backgrounds of games or in the Official Website, a mysterious Ultralink that possesses the same colors and shape as Metal Elementor appears. It is most likely that in the original project of Season 2, Metallak would be an Ultralink instead of a Megalink, but it is still unknown if this is real or not.
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