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Megalinks are upgraded versions of Ultralinks. Unlike them, they are given more important tasks, such as piloting ships and some even handling the Alphalink. They have higher ranks and are commonly found on the Alphalink, usually in group. They seek hosts for the Ultralinks by calculating the weapon potential of the host. One of them appeared in Toxic Relationship, which marked their debut.


They were most likely created to find hosts more easily to Ultralinks, instead of them being sent to link with something.

Season 2

Toxic Relationship

One of them appeared seeking a host for Ultralinks and eventually found Toxzon. When the Megalink was about to release the Ultralink, Toxzon tried to escape, but it eventually linked with Fishy. Even though that at first the Megalink realized the link was unintentional, he didn't care after seeing the result and fled.


The Megalinks are superior versions of the Ultralinks. They are able to annex (or absorb) them to gain more power, and shoot lasers through their hands, although said lasers aren't too powerful.

Known Megalinks

  • Metallak: One of Makino's most trusted commanders, Metallak conquered many planets with his army. After he was sent to Earth, he linked with a pyramid and became Metal Elementor.
  • Avatak: He supposedly would link with a blaster, but instead he linked with a video game console, creating a large technological monster. He was controlled by Toxzon and eventually was killed by Max and Steel in the game.

Nameless Megalinks

The following list refers to the nameless Ultralinks who were seen in the show but weren't named.

  • A Megalink voiced by Andrew Francis debuts in Toxic Relationship. He was searching for a host and eventually finds Toxzon, whom he tries to make an Ultralink link with him.


  • Megalinks are the only Ultralinks that possess a body with limbs without having to link with something.
  • The Megalink, Metal Elementor, had a different head design when compared to regular Megalinks, since his head was based in a Fighter Ultralink, while the common ones had a head based in a Raider Ultralink.
  • Metal Elementor assuming his Ultralink form

    Metal Elementor assuming his Ultralink form in Full Metal Racket

    They are able to assume an Ultralink form. Most of them (if not all) are Stealth Ultralinks.
  • Even though that they are the upgraded version of the Ultralinks, their head are the same as Raider Ultralinks.
  • They were one of the few new characters mentioned in the second trailer of Season 2.
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