Sometimes, McDonald's give exclusive toys of the new series of Max Steel. Those toys are all licensed by Mattel, and curiously, when they are in Happy Meal, they are always together with an another Mattel franchise.

List of Toys


Max SteelMcDonald's
In October 2013, McDonald's in Mexico were giving out Max Steel (2013 TV Series) toys for boys and Monster High toys for girls. There were five Max Steel toys in boys' Happy Meals being; Turbo Flight Mode, Turbo Cycle, N-Tek Helicopter, Turbo Car, and Turbo Strength Mode.


In November/December 2014, Australian McDonald's gave out Max Steel (2013 TV Series) toys for boys and Barbie Life In The Dream House toys for girls. There were eight Max Steel toys in boys' Happy Meals being; Miles Dread, Turbo Racer, Maxwell McGrath, Jump Jet, Air Elementor, Turbofied Cycle, Steel and Max Steel Flight Suit. There were also four games available, being them: Turbo Cycle ClashTurbo Flight FaceoffTurbo Rocket Rampage, and Turbo Scuba Showdown.


Max Steel and Monster High - February 2015 - Spain
In February 2015, in Europe, were released four toys of Max Steel (2013 TV Series) for boys alongside with Monster High for girls. This time, there were only four toys, being; Max Steel, C.Y.T.R.O, Turbo Car / Turbo Cycle, and one bracelet based on Steel. Curiously, all those toys were based on the concept of Transform-Tek line, from 2015.


  • Both the package and website incorrectly list Miles Dredd's name as Dread, as well as Turbo Jet, labeled by Jump Jet.
  • When Max Steel toys are on McDonald's, they are always together with another Mattel franchise. Example, in 2013, it was given out Max Steel and Monster High, both created by Mattel.
  • When the toys of 2014 were given out in Latin America, there were only four, Maxwell McGrath, Miles Dredd, Turbo Cycle, and Turbo Car.
  • There were few cards released by McDonald's, containing some characters of Season 2.
Toy Lines of Max Steel (2013 TV Series)
2013 Strength · Speed · Stealth · 6 Inch Toy Line · Rise of Elementor · Turbo Battlers
2014 Aerial Invasion · Aqua Invasion · Land Invasion · Mega-Sized Villain · 6 Inch Toy Line
2015 Battle-Tek · Connect-Tek · Transform-Tek · Max Steel: The Movie · Ultra Turbo Battlers (cancelled)
2016 Connect-Tek · Team Turbo · Team Turbo Fusion-Tek · VS Rip-Spin Warriors
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