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Max Steel Vs Air Elementor is an battle-pack with two characters, being them Max Steel (in Turbo Base Mode), and Air Elementor. It was released in 2014, and is a part of 6 Inch Line.


Max Steel, in his Turbo Base Mode, have mostly of the armor white with black details on the legs, arms, torso, and face, and also, blue details on the face, and the chest. He only have five points of articulation, and comes with only one accessory, which is the capture claw.

Air Elementor is very similiar to Night Wind Elementor, even the sculpture are the same. The figure have most of the body with white color, while the left arm and shoulder are grey. The figure have only five points of articulation, and does not come with any accessory. The figure is able to spin the claw through a lever like a tornado, and is also taller than the figure of Max Steel.

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