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Max Steel is a toy line created by Mattel in 1999. It initially started as a toy line but later a TV show was created, which ran from 2000 to 2003, later having direct-to-video movies released every year. In 2013, the franchise was rebooted.

The story is about a teenager known as Maxwell McGrath who recently moved to Copper Canyon with his mother, Molly McGrath. There, he realizes that he can generate a powerful energy known as T.U.R.B.O. Energy. He is taken to N-Tek, a top secret agency commanded by Max's uncle, Forge Ferrus, where he meets an alien known as Steel, the only being capable of controlling Max's energy. Together, they bond and create the superhero Max Steel, who will fight against formidable foes to save the world from mayhem! However, Max must deal with day-by-day problems, such as school, bullies and at the same time save the world. Max and Steel will be finding out new things about their lives and also uncover the mysterious dark secrets that N-Tek has.

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  • - The official site of Mattel, the main creator of Max Steel franchise.
  • - The official website of Max Steel. There, you can get badges, learn more about characters, can play games, and more!

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Max Steel Reboot News!

  • Max Steel: Turbo-Warriors airs on Latin America on July, 29.
  • The second half of the 2017 toy line started to hit the shelves. The boxes of the upcoming Turbo-Warriors film states that the main villain of the film will be the worst threat so far.
  • After Turbo-Charged's debut on TV, the Official Website was updated to match Max's new green T.U.R.B.O. Energy. Additionally, the YouTube channel was also updated.
  • The first half of the 2017 toy line was released in the official website.
  • Turbo-Charged aired on Cartoon Network on March 18, 2017. The film presents Lord Nexus' legion of super villains, Terrorax and his Team Terror, Steel-Tek gear and more.

Featured Character / Article of the Month!

Mortum's Mutated Form

Professor Mortum is the newest enemy of Max Steel's Team Turbo and the mutant behind the Technopocalypse. He was bent on evolving the humanity by converting the whole humanity into hive-mined zombies through the power of the Connect Tek, crated by Jim McGrath years ago.

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Did you know ...?

  • ... That Makino was the first Ultralink created?
  • ... That Berto has four brothers and a sister named Rayne Martinez, who is a member of Team Turbo?
  • ... That in the Bonus Clip "Hosed", Max takes a shower and his bare is shown, though that it was stated in Come Together Part One that he could not take the Steel Suit off?
  • ... That most of Max's major enemies have their names based on latin words or either directly taken from them, such as Makino, Mortum and Nexus?
  • ... That most of Max's major enemies' names start with the letter "M" or either have the letter "X" in their names?
  • ... That Max Steel was once nominated for the BAFTA 2014 Kids' Vote television category?
  • ... That the Official Website once used one of Max Steel Reboot Wiki images on the profile of The Elementors?
  • ... That currently, the toy line has two designers?
  • ... That it is currently unknown what the "N" on N-Tek means?

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