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Max Steel: Turbo Warriors
Directed by TBA
Produced by TBA
Written by TBA
Music by TBA
Duration 44 minutes
Year 2017
Genre Action
Previous Film Max Steel: Turbo Charged
Next Film TBA
Max Steel: Turbo-Warriors is the second movie released in 2017 and seventh movie overall of Max Steel.


Lord Nexus and Terrorax are back with their most powerful weapon - the Pantheon! Can Max take down them in time to save the city he’s sworn to protect?






  • After Terrorax's defeat, Lord Nexus decides to return with his most powerful weapon, the Pantheon, whose capabilities are unknown for now.
  • Team Terror is set to appear in this film.

Noteworthy Events

Toy Line

Main article: Turbo-Warriors

The second toy line released in 2017 was Turbo-Warriors. It features brand new characters, such as Night Howl, Max's new modes and Lord Nexus' action figure.


The movie was confirmed alongside with Turbo Charged in October 12, 2016 when Mattel announced its content for 2017.

In May, according to one of the character animators' website, the film was being animated.


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