Max Steel: Maximum Morphos
Directed by: TBA
Produced by TBA
Written by TBA
Score by TBA
Length TBA
Year 2015
Genre Animation
Preceded by TBA
Succeeded by TBA

Max Steel: Maximum Morphos is the third and last movie of the 2015 trilogy, and focus in the return of Morphos. The movie was released on various countries of Latin America on August 2, 2015 by Cartoon Network.


Morphos has returned and is now stronger than ever! To prove he is the greatest villain of all, he begins to mimic the powers of all the enemies of Dread: even Max Steel! He will then have to team-up with all the villains, knowing that once defeat Morphos is defeated, all will try to get revenge on Max! Fortunately, Max Steel has the greatest power known so far, the new Turbo Exo Strength Mode!



Important Events

  • Sydney reveals to Max that she already knew about his secret identity.
  • Morphos becomes, momentarily, the hero and protector of Copper Canyon. Later he becomes mayor of the same city.
  • Dread discovers that Jim McGrath is still alive.
  • All the main villains of the series are still alive and team-up with Max Steel to stop Morphos once for all.
  • Morphos is captured, while the other villains are free.


  • There were various scenes in the film in where the mutated claw that Miles Dread had, would disappear mysteriously.
    • Dread's Missing Mutated Claw Inside Mansion
      The first time this error was seen scene in the film was when Max Steel used Turbo Cannon Spike Mode on Morphos to try and defeat him. At some point in that scene, Miles Dread can be seen standing up in the background. That is when his mutated hand can be spotted missing. But later on in the film, his mutated claw reappears out of no where, when Morphos is flying towards to Miles Dread and Max Steel, after being blasted out from the mansion by Morphos with his Toxzon powers.
    • Miles Dread's Mutated Hand Gone In Battle Against Morphos And Morphos Human Hybrids
      The second time this error was seen in the film, was when Max Steel, Miles Dread, The Elementors, Toxzon, and Extroyer are jumping out of Jim McGrath's Ship, when they were preparing to fight against Morphos and the Human Morphos Hybrids. Also, the claw is not seen while he is fighting them. But just like before, Miles Dread's claw reappears out of no where, when Miles Dread was about to attack Morphos in his Maximum Morphos form.
  • Dread's Glowing Mutated Hand
    When Max Steel and Miles Dread were fighting Morphos inside of the mansion, you can see Dread's mutated hand starting to give a mysteriously yellow glow. This can be seen in the fight, when Morphos uses his Earth Elementor powers on Miles Dread to attack. In that scene, his mutated hand is glowing. But the glow disappears when Miles Dread stands up (Which is also when Miles Dread's mutated claw disappears).
  • Morphos' Missing Claw Detail
    This error can be seen in the scene when the Goopanoids are attacking the citizens of Copper Canyon. When one of the Goopanoids is seen terrorizing a little girl, the monster is later destroyed by Morphos. When the girl realizes that she has been rescued from the Goopanoid, Morphos bands her, her purple Teddy Bear back. But in that scene, you can clearly see that Morphos' right hand has an error. In this error, Morphos' claws are not seen. Instead of them being colored black, they are colored the same shade of yellow as his right hand.
  • Error On Color Of Morphos' Thumb
    After Morphos' machine self-destructed when Max Steel (In Turbo Sonic Flight Mode) tried to get there in order to cure the citizens, Morphos lifts the foot of Extroyer off of him (Who had stomped and stood on top of in a previous scene). In that scene when he is free, the claw on his thumb of his right hand changed its color. It changed from black to a purple/ blue color.
  • The Disappearance Of Extroyer Tyrannosaurus Rex
    There is another with an error that consists in the background of one of the scenes. After the machine had self-destructed when Max attempted to enter THI, Morphos was seen lifting up Extroyer Tyrannosaurus Rex by its foot and throwing him to the floor afterwards. He lands right behind Morphos in that scene. The next scene in were we see Morphos, there is an error. Where Extroyer Tyrannosaurus Rex had supposedly fell, the Mutant is no where to be seen behind Morphos. Instead of Extroyer Tyrannosaurus Rex being behind Morphos, there is an army of Human Morphos Hybrids that is behind him. But after Morphos revealed to his enemies his Maximum Morphos form, Extroyer Tyrannosaurus Rex is seen charging at him. Only that he doesn't come from behind Morphos. He appears somewhere on the left side corner from Morphos.


The movie was originally announced at the Nuremberg Toys Fair of 2015, on Germany, but it took two months to become known among the fans.

Later on, Mattel and Turner Broadcasting signed a new agreement that gave Turner's channels (Cartoon Network and Boomerang) over 800 minutes of exclusive Mattel content, where Max Steel: Maximum Morphos was confirmed, alongside with The Wrath of Makino and The Dawn of Morphos.


  • Two figures based on this movie were released, they were Exo Strength Max, and Mutant Morphos.
  • N-Tek does not appear in the film. This fact is probably because of bad organization, but the real reason for the absence is unknown, and perhaps, N-Tek was still recovering from Morphos' attack in the previous film, or the agency couldn't do anything against this new threat, leaving Max and Steel alone.
  • The Turbo Exo Strength Mode that appeared in the movie have notable differences when compared to its toy form, Exo Strength Max.
  • Previously, in the hispanic dub, the name of the film was "Morphos In The Limit", though that later, Mattel decided to keep the original title (in spanish, Morphos Máximo).
  • It was the first movie of Max Steel that was reproduced on the cinema. The movie was reproduced by a company named Cinépolis solely on Mexico during December.
  • It was the last movie to be animated by Nerd Corps Entertainment. Following Team Turbo, released in 2016, the movies were animated by Arc Productions.
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