Makino Elite Ultralink
Makino Elite Ultralinks are a rare subspecies of Ultralinks featured by their loyalty to Makino and their highly agressive behavior. One of them appears for the first time in Ultralink Invasion Part One.


Season 2

Ultralink Invasion Part One

A squadron consisting of four Ultralinks were sent to Earth and one of them was a Makino Elite Ultralink, who later on would bond with crystals to create Prism Link, a recurrent enemy on the second season.

Ultralink Invasion Part Two



These Ultralinks are like royalty - capturing one is a big deal!


This variation is solely seen in the series. Prism Link is the only known orange variant.


They design differ a lot from other Ultralinks. Their head possesses similar traits of other Ultralinks and there is a long, segmented tail attached to their back (making them similar to snakes) with a spike on its tip.

Known Makino Elite Ultralinks


  • In Ultralink Invasion Part One, Prism Link's Ultralink form is blue, but after he links with the crystals, it changes to orange. This is a common goof on the episodes of the second season.
  • Some of them are security consoles of the Makino Destroyers. In Battle Stations, Steel was flirting with one.
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