Makino's Central Processing Unit or Head Piece is the "brain" of Makino. After the defeat of Makino in the Alphalink, his host was killed and only this part was left, which is vital for Makino's survival. When someone touches it, the unit turns into Makino's true form, and takes the control of the being, transforming it into his new host. The important debuted on Max Steel: The Wrath of Makino.

TV Show

Max Steel: The Wrath of Makino

When Makino died, every Ultralink knew about the existance of this object, alongside, Makino left the coordinates to know where it was. Then, a lot fo Ultralinks (between them, The Elementors, three Evil Ultralinks, Blast, Chomp, and N-Tek) came to capture this object and then convert into the new commander of Ultralinks. However, most of the Ultralinks lost the battle, only Metal Elementor left, who later secretly touched this device, creating a giant dome, where the Ultralinks fought to get the unit.


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