Max Steel Reboot Makino-6-
Makino's Armor are blue pieces generated by Makino when he links with a host. The armor is totally blue and has floating pieces in the back of the host, which also shines according to the energy that the host has (for example, the T.U.R.B.O. Energy). 

Similar to an Ultralink, Makino can absorb other technology and intergrate it into his armor. He absorbs an N-Tek jet to gain wings and the ability of flight, and later absorbs a N-Tek tank to gain shoulder mounted cannons. These extras also give more armor plating, but are only temporary and are discarded after battle.


  • In the first trailer of Season 2, it is revealed that the armor of Makino can be taken off. However, Makino never demonstrated this ability in the actual Season 2.
  • The armor is also similar to Megatron's armour in Transformers.

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