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Prepare the Alphalink!


Makino R
Ruler and Leader of the Ultralinks!
Gender Male
Alias Lord Makino
Master Makino
Species Ultralink
Ultralink hunter
Occupation Creator of Ultralinks
Ruler of Planet Makino
Weapons TBA
Friends Miles Dredd
Ultimate Elementor
Jason Naught
Metal Elementor
Evil Ultralinks
Blast Link
Chomp Link
Prism Link
Enemies Max Steel
Commander Forge Ferrus
Kat Ryan
Jefferson Smith
Physical Appearance
Height TBA
Appearance TBA
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Yellow
Background Information
First Appearance Earth Under Siege Part Two
Last Appearance TBA
Voiced By Michael Dobson

Makino, also known as Lord Makino, is a villain from the Max Steel (2013 TV Series) and the creator of Ultralinks. He is a cybernetic being that has an Ultralink bonded to him, but it is permanent. He is the leader and ruler of a planet called, Planet Makino. Makino is the deadliest villain Max Steel has ever faced. A techno-organic life form from the stars, he is father and God to all Ultralinks. Makino is the most dangerous being in the universe and wants to take it over by absorbing every planet. Makino wants to devour Earth and possibly convert it into his second home planet, but he must first destroy man-kind with an Invasion of Ultralinks, which will take place in Season 2. Makino first appeared in Earth Under Siege Part Two. Makino is voiced by Michael Dobson.

Origins Edit

Makino is the ruler and leader of the Ultra-Links and Planet Makino. Most of his life is unknown, but he is an enemy of N-Tek and Earth. Makino also wants to make an Invasion of Ultra-Links and want Earth as their second planet, only that he wants to first, take out the humans that live in Earth and annihilate life on the planet as he did on other worlds.

TV Show Edit

Season 1 Edit

Earth Under Siege Part OneEdit

Makino is only shown after Dredd uses Max Steel's TURBO ENERGY POWERS to destroy the emitters that were keeping he (Makino) and his Ultra-Links from Earth. Makino's ship then materializes out of floating metal and heads toward Earth. Earth Under Siege Two: Miles Dredd, Jason Naught, and Ultimate Elementor were revealed to be allies of Makino. Makino says that for Dredd's help as they destroy the Planet Earth only he will be spared. Dredd says that's all he ever wanted, and then Ultimate Elementor notices that N-Tek has brought heavy reinforcements. Makino then says that his soldiers are ready for the attack. As Ultimate Elementor and Naught fight N-Tek, Makino notices that Max Steel and Forge Ferrus got into their ship. Makino then sends Dredd to eliminate Max Steel and Forge Ferrus. Dredd then fights Max and Forge in his new mode, Dredd Makino Mode. Dredd tries to get Steel to join Makino but Max and Steel trick Dredd into letting his guard down and use TURBO CANNON MODE  to knock Dredd into the TURBO ENERGY ABSORBING GENERATOR that is powering the Makino Ship, realizing it absorbs TURBO ENERGY and Dredd has a negative TURBO ENERGY and that it will cause the GENERATOR to explode.  Dredd then calls Makino and tells him that he and his troops lost the battle. Makino says to Dredd that he and his Ultra-Links will not rest until the Earth, Max Steel, and N-Tek are no more!

Season 2Edit

Makino first appeared really in "Makino Strikes One" where he, his Ultra-Links, and the Apha-Link gained access to Earth through a wormhole. Makino arrived on Earth and fought Max Steel mocking him by saying he could never defeat him and he was weak and pathetic just like his father, Jim Mcgrath who he almost killed in the first invasion of Earth. Max Steel was enraged by this and charged at Makino, but Makino sent a powerful blast of energy at Max Steel and knocked him unconscious. Makino then had a red Ultra-Link bond with Forge Ferrus and had the Ultra-Linked Forge lead Mega Elementor, Dredd's forces, and Makino's forces at N-Tek while he had the Linked Ferrus sneak into N-Tek and turn on a self-destruct sequence that destroyed the N-Tek base along possibly with Max's mom Molly, Jefferson, Kat, and Berto. Makino said he "enjoyed" that destruction. In "Makino Strikes Two", Max Steel returned and was able to get through to Forge Ferrus to get him to fight back and to exorcise the red Ultra-Link from his body. It is later revealed that Molly, Jefferson, Kat, and Berto survived that explosion and with Forge's help N-Tek forces manage to hold off Makino's army, but then Makino summons the Apha-Link to consume and devour the Earth. However, N-Tek and Max Steel were able to reverse the wormhole that allowed Makino's soldiers to infiltrate Earth and send all of them including Makino's Big Ship and Mega Elementor back into the unlimited cosmos, leaving only Makino remaining. Makino is furious of this and attacks Max Steel and N-Tek with anger. Makino quickly outmatches them until Max Steel uses a new MODE, TURBO ROCKET MODE, which shatters Makino's armor and sends him flying into space. Max Steel in his powerful TURBO ENERGY ROCKET MODE destroys Makino with an explosion brighter than the stars of the universe. Afterwards, Max and Steel become fully aware of their past and confident that they can defend Earth in the present, thus showing his true heroic destiny.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Superhuman Strength-
  • Superhuman Speed-
  • Superhuman Endurance-
  • Yellow Lasers- Makino possesses the ability to shoot powerful lasers orbs and stationary laser blasts.
  • Technokinesis- Makino possesses the ability to control and tear apart technology.
  • Tech Absorption- Like his past incarnation, Makino can absorb technology and make modes out of them.

Gallery Edit

The Gallery of Makino can be see Here.

Trivia Edit

  • Makino looks like Megatron and Galvatron from Transformers.
  • Makino is the leader of all of the Ultra-Links in Makino.
  • When Makino speaks, the Alpha-Link speaks at the same time.
  • Makino came to Earth sixteen years ago, which was the first Ultra-Link Invasion of Earth that Jim Mcgrath, Max's father and the original Max Steel and an TURBO-ENERGY POWERED alien from a planet called Tachyeon, stopped.
  • Makino fights Max Steel for the first time in "Makino Strikes Part One".
  • Makino was defeated by Max Steel using TURBO ROCKET MODE in "Makino Strikes Part Two".
  • Makino controls the Apha-Link, a machine created to consume planets and worlds.
  • Makino wished to dissect Steel to find out why he rebelled, something no Ultralink's ever willingly done.
  • He is capable of removing the steel suit from Max without killing him, but this will cause Max to overload with Turbo energy.

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