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Makino is not a think! It's a though of inspiration, an idea that became real! I am indestructable, but you are not! I shall lead my Ultralink army across the universe in a wave of complete absorption and expansive, and I am coming to Earth! You Dredd ... You shall be the first to perish!


The first Ultralink ever!
Gender Male
Alias Lord / Master Makino
Species Ultralink
Occupation Leader of Ultralinks (previously)
Weapons Control of technology, regeneration, super strength, speed and durabilty, lasers, and absorption
Allies Every Ultralink created by him, except Steel
Enemies Every earthling
Background Information
First Appearance Earth Under Siege Part Two
Last Appearance Max Steel: The Wrath of Makino
Voiced By Michael Dobson

Makino, a.k.a Lord Makino, is a villain from the Max Steel (2013 TV Series) and the creator of Ultralinks. Makino is the deadliest villain Max Steel has ever faced. A techno-organic life form from the stars, he is father and God to all Ultralinks. Makino is the most dangerous being in the universe and wants to take it over by absorbing every planet. Makino first appeared in Earth Under Siege Part Two. Makino is voiced by Michael Dobson.

Origins Edit

Makino was an Ultralink created many years ago by a crazy scientist. After his creation, Makino linked with his creator, and consequently took the control of him, creating the first Makino.

Later, in Max Steel: The Wrath of Makino, Makino took the control of Max temporarily, and then, Jim McGrath. When Jim finally got out of his control, Max used Turbo Nova Mode to send Makino to the sun, causing his permanent destruction.

TV Show Edit

Season 1 Edit

Earth Under Siege Part TwoEdit

He appears as a hologram talking with Miles Dredd and Ultimate Elementor.

Season 2 Edit

Ultralink Invasion Part OneEdit

He reappears again as a hologram talking with Miles Dredd.

Ultralink Invasion Part TwoEdit

When Miles Dredd's failed, Dredd went to a Makino Ship and discussed with Makino saying that his soldiers were incompetent.

Dredd AscendantEdit

He appears as a hologram talking with Miles Dredd saying that his skills in infiltrate N-Tek was notated, but later said thast his help wasn't needed anymore, and Dredd escaped. When Ultimate Elementor was attacking directly N-Tek, Dredd used a device to talk with Makino, and they made a deal again.

Full Metal RacketEdit

He firstly appears as a hologram, seeing the battles of Max Steel against The Elementors, until Metallak comes. Makino also explains about Max, and especially Steel.

Journey to the Center of Copper CanyonEdit

Makino appears as a hologram, saying to Mega Elementor that he was going to come sooner than expected, and also commanded Prism Link to see what Dredd was planning to do.

Lights, Camera, Max!Edit

He appears through a vision that Extroyer had, which was Alphalink absorbing a planet while Makino walks.

Makino Strikes: Part OneEdit

Makino is teleported to Earth, and then commands Mega Elementor to attack N-Tek, while he was going to fight against Max. As a part of his plan, he was going to link Forge with an Ultralink, and command a massive attack against N-Tek. When Forge (already linked) commanded to attack N-Tek, they weren't able to, because the systems were locked, until Makino used his powers to move a part of the hideout of N-Tek, and then, the invasion begins.

While, Max is trying to get to N-Tek, when he is interrupted by Makino, when he used his powers to threw away the Turbo Car. Later, when Max is already out of Turbo Car, Makino suddenly appears in his jet mode, and they start to fight. It is perceivable that Makino was a way more powerful than any of Max's modes, and was only "defeated" when Max combined the attacks of Turbo Cannon Mode and Turbo Speed Mode.

When Makino was in the ground, and Max was making jokes of him, he suddenly wakes up and take Steel away from Max's chest, but he is surprised when Ven-Ghan comes and attacks him with his ship, and consequently is teleported to Artic.

Makino Strikes: Part TwoEdit

While Max and Ven-Ghan are trying to find a way to infiltrate to Makino's ship, Makino is discussing with Steel and dissecting him. Makino is interupted when Forge Link says that he was waiting his commands. When Max and Ven-Ghan are already on Makino's ship, Max comes with a tank to directly attack Makino, but when he tries to execute the plan, he is stopped, and Makino absorb the parts of the tank.

Max starts to overload, and Makino starts to execute the plan of opening the portal of the Alphalink, when Ven-Ghan suddenly appears and shoots Steel to Max, while Makino sees it. Max links with Steel, while Makino is being attacked by Ven-Ghan, until his teleportation system is damaged, and he is threw in the space.

While Steel attempts to save Ven-Ghan, Max uses the Turbo Speed Mode to defeat Makino, but he fails, and Makino starts to remove Max's armor, until Steel through a portal, and they link again. When Max Steel unblocks the Turbo Rocket Mode, he takes advantage, and they start to battle in the space, until Makino is shoot by a powerful blast of Max's cannons. Makino is consequently threw on the front of the Alphalink, and the portal is closed by Max.

Got Turbo StarEdit

While Miles Dredd and Jason Naught were discussing about conquer the world and betray Makino, he suddenly appears in a screen and is revealed that Makino is alive after the battle against Max Steel.

Makino's HostsEdit

So far, Makino only had three hosts, being them:


Makino's skin is mostly black with yellow letters, he has an Ultralink in his forehead, and eyes that are similiar to Ultralinks' eyes. He has an blue floating armor that covers almost all parts of his body, and a giant sphere his chest.

In his Ultralink form, Makino has four legs, and conserves the same colours from his "humanoid" form.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Superhuman Strength: With Makino's size and body type, he is very powerful, further with his modes.
  • Superhuman Speed: He is very fast, even in his Main Mode.
  • Superhuman Endurance: He has shown to be highly durable after being attacked by allmost all of Max's Turbo Modes and being knocked out by just a few seconds and returns to fight harmless.
  • Yellow Lasers: Makino possesses the ability to shoot powerful lasers orbs and stationary laser blasts that were powerful enough to destroy many of N-Tek's vehicles.
  • Technokinesis: Makino possesses the ability to control and tear apart technology.
  • Tech Absorption: Like his past incarnation, Makino can absorb technology and make modes out of them.
  • Size Alteration: He can alter his size as long he is on a Makino Ship by absorbing parts of the floor or walls.
  • Creation of UltralinksSince he is the creator of Ultralinks, he is able to create them through his hands.
  • Regeneration: Makino is able to quickly regenerate in some days, which makes him virtually unstoppable. According to his creator, if Makino is about to die, he is able to regenerate.

Modes Edit

Character profileImage makino2 tcm422-149627
10349154 325826370953959 19234019676255798 n
10502407 325826427620620 9213593529397664732 n
10906034 346400435563219 7327693755095661455 n

Gallery Edit

The Gallery of Makino can be seen Here.

Trivia Edit

  • Makino is the leader of all of the Ultralinks.
  • Makino came to Earth sixteen years ago, which was the first Ultralink Invasion of Earth that Jim McGrath, Max's father and the original Max Steel and an T.U.R.B.O Energy powered alien from a planet called Tachyon, stopped.
  • Makino was defeated by Max Steel using Turbo Rocket Mode in Makino Strikes: Part 2.
  • Makino controls the Alphalink, a machine created to consume planets and worlds.
  • Makino wished to dissect Steel to find out why he rebelled, something no Ultralink's ever willingly done.
  • He is capable of removing the steel suit from Max without killing him, but this will cause Max to overload with T.U.R.B.O Energy.
  • Makino fought Max Steel for the first time in Makino Strikes Part One.
  • In Makino Strikes, he only had two new modes, Makino Jet Mode, and Makino Tank Mode. This was a reference to the original Makino, since the Jet and Tank mode were the first that they got.
  • Previously, the Turbo Star was the last hope to win the battle against Makino. N-Tek was also creating a monster named Morphos to destroy Makino, but he was going to convert into the most powerful threat in the way.
  • Makino's Ultralink form must have a host to survive.
  • At the end of Max Steel: The Wrath of Makino, he was thrown to the sun to his possible death.
  • Makino's purpose in live is to absorb and expand.
  • Before linking with Alien Scientist, he had four fingers but then as Makino he had five fingers.

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