Hydro Flame Elementor
Hydro Flame Elementor is an action figure based on Fire and Water Elementors. It was released in 2015 in the first wave of action figures, and is a part of Transform-Tek line.


In this figure, the body of Elementor is divided in two; the left part is fire, and the right part is water. There is a white part in the center, and also rocks in the chest, like Ultimate Elementor had. The figure only have four points of articulation, and comes with one projectile.

When a button is pressed on his chest, the face of Hydro Flame Elementor will change; the first being the fire version, with the face similiar to Ultimate Elementor, and the second being the face of the regular version of Water Elementor. Also, in the fire arm, he is able to launch one projectile.


  • Although that this is an figure that is not based on Ultimate Elementor, the figure have the same face of him.
  • In 2007, there was an action figure named "Water and Fire Elementor" in the Adrenalink Line. This version that was released recently, is the reboot version of him.

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