Max Steel Reboot Hero's Journey
Hero's Journey is a game with four levels in it. It is a game that is in the Max Steel Official Website, which is available for everyone to play. It is also the first game in the website that was released in the website. In this game, you are Max Steel, and you will have to use the Turbo Blaster to shoot security cameras, doors, Ninjas, and Dredd Naughts. In some levels, you are Steel, and you will have to enter some small places and help out Max get out of a place, so that he can go to the other place. Beware of lasers and Dredd Naughts that are in your way. Then the boss level, level four, you will have to fight at the end the most terrible and scariest villain of all time, Miles Dredd! You will have to defeat him, and beware, he might attack you or even absorb your T.U.R.B.O Energy. You can win some badges in the game, so check out the badges in the website. You can also use some Turbo Modes when you have a lot of T.U.R.B.O Energy. You can use Turbo Strength Mode, Turbo Flight Mode, and make the Turbo Blaster shoot stronger and better than ever. This game is a challenging game.
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